I was fired on Monday...Very long story

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    On Monday I came into work and my boss was upset about a resident change situation. It's a long story. Last Thursday I had to go to the Doctor because I'd hurt my back and right ankle I also told him that I was having difficulty driving. I have been having episodes of losing focase for a moment or two while driving.My Doctor of course was concerned so was his nurse.He walked out of the examining room to order test. At that time I called my boss to let her know what was happening. I told her that I was at the doctors office because I'd hurt my back and ankle . She then asked my how long I was going to be and I said that we were almost done probably 15 to 30 minutes. She then said that she had something waiting for me that would probably help me feel better.When I asked what it was she and my co-worker started laughing. So I think that I finally go a good chair. Well when my doctor came back into the examining room he said that he wanted me off my feet for a week and no lifting. I told him that I had just told my boss that I would be at work today and I was worried that "State" (health dept.)would come in to do their inspection and our office is very behind in our work.Doc. said that he still wants me off work for a week,no lifting,no driving and that he was going to try to have a Nero. test done to make sure that I was not having seizures on the road. While I went to work and I found a crutch laid across my chair. Of course my boss and co-worker were not in the office. So instead of getting mad I set it aside. When they finally came back to the office I explained what had happened. My boss then said that she didn't understand why I came into work today if my doctor had told me not to. I explained that I already told her that I would come in prior to my knowing that my doctor wanted me off work and that I didn't want to leave the office in a lurch. I had already miss Wed. because I had to got to Family Law Court and I knew that there would be a lot of work to do. She then told me that my co-worker had called off sick Wed. for neck pain. I told her that I was sorry but what could I do my back has been hurting me for weeks now and I was having difficulty moving. She then said you are sick all of the time .How do you exspect to keep your job if your always sick. I said that I don't know,I just will. We had six room changes that day and I was shaking bad. Nursing was concerned for me and asked me what was wrong and I told then I had issues I'm dealing with and I my back was hurting very bad/spasming. During the course of the day nursing asked my boss how I was feeling. My boss then confronted me and said that I shouldn't be concerning/talking about my personal problems to the staff disrupting their work. I told that I was sorry but I can't control the shaking and I can't stop people from caring. Then I recieved two more room change notices. One was to be done on Friday which mad my co-worker upset because she would have to do it. The other I had phoned the responsible party explaining that there was a room available and left my # so she could call me to schedule a time so that they could see the room. No one returned the call. I was so overwhelmed that day! My boss confronted me again. She accused me of not contacting the responsible party. Because they haddened returned my call.I told her that I would check with admissions to see I this room would be available to be viewed on Monday when I returned to work and I was told that was not that big of a deal and could wait. I then ask admissions to hold on to the paperwork so she would not mistakenly give this room to another patient. I went back to tell this to my boss and was very mad.She asked for my doctors note then and remarked that I could come back to "school" on Monday.Then she read reason CONFIDENTIAL. My boss said that by law she had the right to know why her employee was to be off work. I said no you don't, I have the right to privacy "HEPA Law".My co-worker then agreed with me boss that she does have the right. My boss then said well confidential that must meant that you have a mental illness that your doctor obiously doesn't what me to know about! Then exclaimed "Oh my gosh Dawn you have A.I.D.S"! At that point I walked out of the room ,went down to the nurses station made another called to the patients family about the room being available . I was able to reach the responsible party at that time and she said that she would try to come and see the room tommorrow/Friday. I then went back to admissions got the paperwork,told my co-worker that I had called the patients family again and they said that they will try to see the room tommorrow. I clocked out then.
    Monday morning..... I came into work and was confronted by my boss again . My co-worker did not tell her that I had re-called the family and that they may come in to see the room . She accused me of lying and told me how embarassed she was when the patients family came in and she wasen't prepared for it. I explained that I had to my co-worker to tell her . And she then said so WHY did you not tell me your BOSS. I told her that I was hurt the remarks that she had made and didn't feel comfortable talking to her. She the said so you place me in an embarassing situation because you were angry with me! I said no...I told my co-worker to let you know. By 10:30 I recieved a not from my boss stating that I was to stay in the office. She and my co-worker would be leaving at 11:30. There was a lunch planned with a hospice Rep.. This had been planned for awhile . The hospice Rep. phoned me around 11:15 asking if I was going to be able to make the lunch and I explained to her that I was told to stay in the office. At the end of the day my boss told me that she had to give me another verbal warning. I said Why? She replied you know what you did. Do you remember this morning? I said yes. She then said that I had embarassed her and that my co-worker told her that I never given her the information about the patients family coming in to see the room. I said well I did tell her. It's not my fault if she didn't tell you. She the said "are you calling her a liar". I said no. My boss then stood up walk to the door and said that she has been putting up with my insubordinant,disrespectful behavior for two year now and was not going to put up with it any longer!She told me to find another job and stop what I was doing. Then she said "Get the hell out of the office and go home Dawn"! She was so loud. I left the building shaking.
    I was up all night going through what happened. I so scared . I have two children to feed, bills to pay. Now I have to find a job. Where do I begin?
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    My state has a labor relations board where I can file a complaint against a company for unwarranted dismissal. If your position is union, file a grievance.

    You already have a case for a labor lawyer against the employer for violating Equal Opportunity employment, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and HIPA - which is the Healthcare Information Privacy Act.

    Her threats to you constitute assault - you felt endangered on the job. These are all prosecutable offenses.

    Talk to a lawyer who specializes in labor grievances and call your state's labor board to lodge a formal complaint. Write everything down and document with witnesses if you can.

    The problem with "verbal" warnings is that it leaves a loophole for management - they can pretend it never happened or that you completely "misinterpreted" what they were saying.

    Don't let them get away with it - at the very least you might be able to recoup full pay while you are on unemployment and looking for another job. There have been many, many times in my life where I didn't know where the next few dollars were coming from - I kept my faith in God and somehow the money came when it was supposed too whether I worried about it constantly or not. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

    Madame Curie
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    Dear Dawn,

    I'm sorry for your troubles. There seem to be many. I will keep you in my prayers. Let us know how you're doing.

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    Sorry about all this!

    Could you go in and edit so your post is broken up instead of all one long paragraph? I wanted to read it, but just can't follow the ones with no breaks!

    Once again, I'm so sorry you lost your job!


    Stop and smell the puppies!
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    I can't believe how inconsiderate some people can be. Sounds to me like your boss & co-worker may have had it in for you for some time. For them to speculate about you having AIDS?? How absoultely ridiculous, & RUDE - I wouldn't have told them anything either!

    I also feel that you have been treated badly enough to file a suit against your boss. She cannot discriminate against you because you have a contition, that your doctor justifies in writing. That is illegal.

    I am so sorry you have to go through this. You could see if you still have a job, but I'm not sure I would want to go back. It seems to me like you are the one who has been putting up with all of the crap for two years - not her! How can someone who openly disrespects you expect you to show respect for them?? What ever happened to the golden rule?

    Anways, I will keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers. You will find a new job - working for nicer people. Your kids will be taken care of - there is always a way. Keep us posted.

    Take care,

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    I worked in a skilled nursing facility. She made it very clear that I didn't have a job any longer and was not welcome there. She has been trying to force my to quit ever since my husband was fired from the facility. It's was not just my boss that wanted me out of there it was also my husbands ex-boss,the director of nursing as well as others. They increased my workload so much that I couldn't take my breaks or else I'd fall behind.
    On Tuesday I made some calls and explain the situation and they came to the same conclusion. My boss was making a paper trail on me. She even wrote me out because I had to leave work one day two hours early because I had a high fever. Even though she knew I had been sick before she'd left for the day and I also had informed my co-worker and the assistant administrator that I was very sick. I was worried that I could infect the patients or become so sick that I would have been unable to drive myself home safely.
    Funny thing is that when I first started working there and became sick she was the on that encouraged me to seek medical attention to find out what was wrong. After I did that she was upset because I had to go on a lot of doctors appointments. She treated me like it was all in my head. She made comments to a co-worker saying don't tell Dawn what you have because next thing you know she'll have it.
    I'm not the first person shes mistreated . She has a history of not being able to keep employees in that very long.
    No she fired me. I left a message for the assistant adminstrator to call me regarding my final check and left my cell phone number because I was going out to look for a new job. No one has called or even left a message with me .
    If she was concerned she knows my number.But I'm not going back there.
    It's not safe.I'm not going to let anyone treat me in the manner that she has done for the last two years again.
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    already mentioned, you may have a worker's compensation case if your injury/illness was caused or aggravated by your work. The law varies from state to state.

    You should write all the pertinent facts down while they are fresh in your mind. When, who was there, where did it happen, who said what, etc. Then you can refresh your memory if you have to testify at a deposition or in court months or years from now.

    Is it possible for you to work as a temp while looking for a permanent job?
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    Is discrimination no matter what causes someone to do it to you.

    Her language and the way she spoke to you also.

    Get this written down, check it out for sequence aND SEND A letter to her superior with a chance to talk. Explain that if you do not receive satisfaction then you will take it to higher authority.

    This may make then give you your job immediately back rather than you having to wait.

    Love Anne C
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    We will help you all we can to support you here! I agree, First go to unemployment office, then to a lawyer. Or better yet, go to your doctor first, get it documented there that you need more medical help because of this abuse; then Unemp. THEN get 2-3 free consultations with labor lawyers and pick one.
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    Stand up for your rights.

    First of all putting the crutch on your desk.....Second yelled out that you have aids so others could hear is a BIG violation of HEPA law.Actually having your co worker be in on the crutch thing is also a big NO NO.....She can not discus any of your medical problems with anyone.

    And NOT letting you take your breaks.......Call the labor board and then a good lawyer.

    The state also watches over nursing homes let them know whats going on......If shes treating you and others like this just think at what she might be doing to the patients..

    Please fight this .You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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    " First go to unemployment office, then to a lawyer. Or better yet, go to your doctor first, get it documented there that you need more medical help because of this abuse; then Unemp. THEN get 2-

    This was really good advice.Firt of all, your doctor has the dates and times that you visitd and what you were treated for ...the cane episode and AIDS statement come close to, if not exact, to harrassment charges and liable.

    Get all of your facts together as you were advised on the board...just be factual and honest.Your work place is familiar with the Disabilities Acts...handles correctly by a lawyer who deals in these cases can give you the best direction.

    Win or lose, I would not go down without a fight. This is not about "getting your job back"...it is the emotional and financial stress that this company has put you through when you were and are suffering with illness." I, like others on this board, think you have a case.

    I went through a similar situation about 8 months ago. I was not "fired"...but I was harrassed and they tried to write me up for unexcused absense due to seizures, trip to ER and then physicians note for time off.

    I was not willing to disclose any more than the hospital was and they pushed for more info ...to make a long story short...they were made to give me my job back, but I had found other options. They had to sign an agreement that they could not disclose any info concerning my health, could not deny unemployment (which I did not draw due to another job). I did not ask for compensation. I just wanted to "win" to make them aware of the laws that they had broke and to hopefully prevent it from happening to anyone else that might be in my similar situation.

    I know you are weak and frustrated right now, but please seek council on this. This is a company, from the sounds of it that has to meet state and federal regulations if they are handling patient care. They know the law, but most times are depending on the employees ignorance of the laws or fear or lack of funds or whatever to not proceed further. Call your local paper and your local government officials also.

    Please keep us posted as to how you are doing.
    sorry this is so long, but this really "miffed me off".

    They should be raising a banner for you at your committment to a place...worrying about its state of affairs when your boss and co worker proved that they had no care for your state of affairs...if nothing else, I would pursue to scare the snot out of them and to let them see what real jerks they are.

    I wish I had their address right now. I would write them a letter letting them know personally that they will live long enough to be treated badly themselves, because the old addage it true..."what goes around comes around". I hope it comes quick for them.


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    it should be free consult...conact labor board...

    iknow you are going thru alot already physically but get an attorney...find some one to take you if you can't muster up the energy...

    what comes around goes around...

    check into fileing worker's comp...

    i had dumb dentist fire me illegally on my answering machine...she did have to pay me some money..she cried after we got out of the court room...

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    pleas fight this! what she did is discrimination and so illegal. you need a good lawyer. for the good of everyone else who may come in contact with this woman and yourself you need to take this to court. i'm so sorry you lost your job but working for someone like that isn't worth it. i hope you will find a better one, with much more professional management.
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    For right now file for unemployment. Then consider filing a workers compensation claim against them. Your back problem must be job related??????

    Also, consider contacting an attorney for harassment etc. Those remarks made against you are not right.

    I am very sorry you are going through this..
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    Were you ever called in the your boss's office and verbally reprmanded and did your boss have you sign your work record and have a sitness sign it?

    Did you have more than one verbal warning with her signing your record and you signing it to verify that you had been gievn a verbal warning?

    Before you were fired did you recive a written warning and be called in to her office and had you sign that you had recived a letter warning you that this behavior could cause you to lose your job?

    Did you report the crutch incedent to your superivsor as it was harassement?

    YOU should have had at least 3 verbal warnings all of which should have resulted in your boss signing your work recored saying that you have been verbally warned for insubordatation? DId you ever dign a paper that said you had been warned for your behavior?Did a supervisor ever talk to you about the warnings you recieved? And did she write it down that she counsled you on you behavior and then have you sign it and her sign it too?

    You were discrimatated and you should find a lawer who will take your case for free.{ cant' think of the right word} Did your doctor call your boss and tell her that she was going over a doctors instructions and that is illegal? WERe you given a doctor excuse?

    Having your co-workers and boss act like children and put a crutch on your chair was immature and not professional at all and it was discrimanation toward you and it should be looked in to. You should take this to your suprevisor or the admisstrator and have this looked in to. This was so unprorfessional and discusting to have your boss act like she did. Don't let her get away with it. Have your doctor write you out a doctors excues for that date that you saw him and he told you to take off of work. wirst down all daates thta yo have been treated in a unproffesional way.

    write down all the times you were warned and did not sign anything saying you were warned . This is important as they don't have anything to show that you were warned for your actions and they have no proof that you were not doing your job correctly.

    YOu need to have any warnings written down and signed by you adn your boss and a witness, and you must recieve a written warning before you can befired and that must be signed by your boss and supervisor and you and a witness. Did you have witnesses to the crutch incedent?

    YOU should not let them get away with doing this to you. TAke it before your job service and appeal it. make sure that you have proof that you didn't have any warnings and any written warning too. This makes me sick they have treated you with such disrepect and it is wrongl Chceck with your the the head supervisor of where you work the adminestrator would be good too. You were discreimatated and you should fight this at you were folling a doctors instructions and you were making sure that they would not be short handed that day and making sure that your days off were covered.

    Please don't let them get away with this, Find out who is over your boss and find out what can be done for you.

    TAke care and file for unemployment too. Write down all that has happened to you during this time . wirtie it down while you remeber it right. And when you fill out your papers put exctly what happend dates and times and if you had any warnings with your boss and did she have you sign anything to document this warning, and did she have you sign that you had a written warning? if not they don't have a real reason for your firing. They have to document every thing you do, everywarning, written or verbal and you must sign them as well as you supervisor and a witness to this warning and any written warnings are the same you need to have doctumtntationfor all of them.

    Take care of you self.
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    I recieved "two" verbal warning from boss but they were not in writing and no one else was in the office to witness anything.
    Also on the day after my husband was fired there the D.O.N and the now former asst. administrator talked to me stated that I had been going around the facility and talking at the nursing stations about my husbands ex.boss. They accused me of crying,saying that the situation was "bull ****" but I was never informed (at that time)that this was a verbal warning. I tryed to explain to them that I was not crying or talking about my husband ex-boss. And that I had just sinus surgery. My nasal turbines were removed,sinus cavities scraped,plus deviated septum fixed. Yes my nose was running badly but I was not crying and do not cuss. I told they that I have been a Christian since I was nine years old and it's not in my character to use that kind off language. The D.O.N put my on notice saying that she would be watching me closely and this better not happen again.I said that it didn't happen this time. The D.O.N said that several nurses came to her with this information and someone from the physical therapy dept as well. My husband ex-boss runs that dept. This all happened back in mid April 2005.
    The next day my boss told me that they had given me a verbal warning. I said that all I was told that they wanted to hear my side of the story and no one said that this was a warning. The my boss said "well it was".
    After that things were very hard at work. I was treated strikely on a need to know bases. People who used to talk to me in the therapy dept. didn't even make eye contact with me .
    My boss was so upset with me that she told me that she should not have hired me and that my husband ex-boss had warned her not to . My boss then told my that she felt sorry for me so she hired me. Of course that comment upsets me to this day.You don't hire a person because you feel sorry for them, you hire them because they were the best person you'd interviewed for the job.
    I have only recieved one "write up" that was typed up but I refused to sign it because it was a lye. There was one one else in the office at that time either. I was written up back I'd left two hours early because I had a high fever. I had told my co-worker and the assist. admin. that I was sick with a fever. I was afraid of infecting the patients and staff. The assist. admin. told me that I should go to Mexico for antibotics as that is what his family does.I forgot to say that my boss only worked a half day that day. My boss felt that I was trying to hurt her and she was upset that I'd left a new employee alone .
    The next day after the write up I had a doctors appointment the confirmed that I had bronchitis and a sinus infection.She still didn't care.
    These are just a small drop in the bucket to what happened in the last two years. After my husband was fired my boss and former co-worker shut the office door and told me that they needed to do an intervention with me .Because they cared. Or so they said. They told me that my husband quit his job,place our family in finacial hardship,he an acholic,(that he is)they told me to divorce him and get a second job. I told them that I love my husband and he didn't quit! I said that I was very uncomfortable with this disscussion and feel like I'm being threatened.
    Wow this letter is getting long. I'll be back later.
    God bless you all for caring so much!

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    He is so upset with what they did. I told him everything. Doc. said not to worry that he has a lot of documentation and that I do have rights. I can't let this company get away with treating their employees this way . It's not right. My ex-boss knew I was sick. She had full knowlege that I had fibro.,hyothyrodism,and ostoarthritis. She weekly made remarkers stating "your always sick",and "how do you intend to stay working here if you are sick all the time".
    Doc. wants me to have rehab. for my back pain,and he is going to get me on state disablity for awhile. I don't understated exactly what that means,but I trust my doctor.
    He doesn't want me to working either for a while or driving.
    This whole ordeal has been a nightmare. I'm taking so many meds know,muscle relaxers,xanax,pain pills,along with my reguler meds.
    Staying at home is like a jail sentence to me . I've never not work. I miss the patients soooo bad. They were family to me.They counted on me to help them and I feel like I've let them down. I wish I could find out if they are ok.I know that they probably were told lies about what happened.
    PLease,please keep them in your prayers.They are very fragile people and some are very sick.
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