i was given blood

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pinkquartz, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. pinkquartz

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    2 years before i showed any symptoms. i wasn't happy about having someone else's blood it felt wierd but i was very ill and it was necessary i was told. i have always wondered if this was how the illness got into me ?
    as a result i wouldn't give blood nor donate bodyparts after death.
    but i wish i had a way to make peole understand the daily hell i live in, and the huge battles i fight over and over again. i know the illness has not corrupted my spirit but this is such a hard life to live and sometimes i do feel very angry
    what can we do collectively ?
  2. selma

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    We don't know if FM can be transmitted by blood.
    It's a good idea until we know not to donate.
    We understand and if you read Mikie's post,you'll see that the time being angry is wasted. I know I've lost a lot of time trying to educate others as well as Drs.
    Try and enjoy each day to the fullest you can. I'm feeling a little better and so am on here tonight.
    I still try and do some research. I thank GOD that I'm not Chris Reeves and I can feel pain. I can still picture how pinkquartz looks and listen to good music and take myself to the bathroom.
    I know it takes time to get over the anger.
    Take your time and I pray that you feel better soon.
    Love, Selma
  3. dan0248

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    Be happy with what you got, there are so many out there that have it a heck of a lot worse then you. Make lemon aid my friend and enjoy what the good Lord has given you.
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    There are worse off people than me. I just finished writing my most melancholy post yet in another thread, but it is true that there are many wonderful things STILL in my life.

  5. pinkquartz

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    i don't think my post was quite what i really meant to say i have got flu and am very foggy. i do not agree with people donating blood when they are ill, and i intended to add a reply to selma's post not start a new thread.
    i do have angry days but then i have been sick for 23 years and i am very ill and alone so i don't feel bad about having an off day though i didn't mean anything bad regarding doctors etc. but i have to have homehelps and often unkind and insensitve remarks by them on a bad day set me wishing people were more aware of the reality we have rather than treat me as if i choose to do nothing for no good reason that they can see. i have to live this way no matter everything i have tried so far to get well. and i know i do my best .i know i do cope extremely well with what i have to cope with in fact .

    selma's post was very angry and i felt angry too as i read it. i am glad you feel better now selma, again i most certainly do not agree with blood donated by sick people. i think what i intended to say was what about another way to channel the anger, but really i agree forget it too much energy !