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    Although they didn't describe in detail how debilitating CFS is they did show how this retrovirus gets into our cells and doesn't leave. The woman doctor on there was good and the patient was very good I thought. I think it was less than 10 minutes long, but I'm so hopeful that NOW WE WILL BE RECOGNIZED AS ILL AND NOT CRAZY. I wish he had been able to devote the whole show to this. But I guess after all this time beggers can't be choosers and THIS WAS A START. I only hope that every doctor who doesn't believe in this disease can watch this. I have a good feeling about this. I hope I'm right.
  2. onset1990

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    okay, I'm "okay" with this segment although I was nervous at first. Far better than the last one on fibro. But he did say "women" far too many times in the beginning (maybe he's glad he might not get it!). He did clarify later that it is women + men, but far more women. I don't know why that mattered so much to him.

    The good...

    •Donnica was succinct and got in a lot in her short time. But the part about the test was premature. Most doctors won't know what to do with the results of a test yet. But at least she mentioned it's expensive and prob not covered by insurance. For me, that points out how unattended this disease has been/is.

    • Great quick presentation on retrovirus vs virus and the lifelong component.

    • Having a patient on has more impact than saying "there are women out there who are sick"

    The bad, but...

    • Too much focus on fatigue or exhaustion vs the cognitive and immunological impact (I mean, yes, I'm upset at the fatigue but I'm more worried about my body's defenses against cancer and heart disease with CFS and with not being able to work full time - also a risk to my longevity)

    • Too many quick photos of women with their head in their hands at work, and looking distressed. Had a psychological impact that I don't think they would have done with AIDS sufferers. By the way, this was my field, advertising, so choosing these images was my job previously. I didn't like the photo collage.

    • I know why he'd focus on the exercise - the body deconditioned is a threat... but in that short a time, I could have done without it. It smacks of it being our fault if we don't get better, or we get worse, and I haven't seen that to be the case.

    • The patient was very nervous. I can see some Drs out there thinking she's got a nervous disorder not a disease. After all, we are all suffering from psychological effects of chronic illness - but AIDS patients aren't called hysterics (maybe because initially they were predominately men?)

    I'll be happy when we can have a presentation about CFS that doesn't have to say "I jumped horses before I became ill" to prove she isn't just sedate, and they don't have to keep saying this is an illness that many doctors believe doesn't exist. I don't ever need to hear that again.
  3. TigerLilea

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    Maybe it wasn't so much that Gina was nervous, maybe it was due to the fact that she is chronically "fatigued". We certainly don't want someone representing us that looks full of energy. I thought she was a good choice.

  4. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    My thought was that she was nervous to be on T.V. (showing good psychological health, as anyone would be nervous on T.V.) and cognitive problems.

  5. mbofov

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    Yeah, it was annoying the way he kept saying it was a woman's disease. But I thought the patient shown was very good. She looked tired. What can I say -

    I agree, the montage showing people tired at work was bad, they should have shown some people bedridden, etc. More information would have been good, but it was a very short piece. I really liked how Dr. Oz said yes, everyone's tired, but this involves fatigue that doesn't go away with a 3-day vacation away from the kids.

    I also liked how Dr. Oz directly asked her about how she felt about being told she should see a shrink.

    I do think the way it was presented was geared to scare people - all those graphics and figures about how widespread the virus and how you might get it. Maybe that's what it will take to wake up the CDC etc.

    Overall, well done - could have been a lot worse -

  6. UsedtobePerkyTina

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    People should be scared.

  7. springrose22

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    Well, I have to say that I was quite relieved that the presentation was as good as it was. Although there was not as much attention given to the severity of the disease, it was waaay better than that fiasco with Dr. Teitlebaum. That was not a good segment at all. It's a good start, as far as public education and stirring up interest.

    Maybe we should write to him telling our stories and pointing out areas that he needs to be really aware of such as the importance of NOT pushing, and resting a lot. He really needs to be made aware that PEM is the hallmark symptom of CFS and is most often very debilitating and life changing. I think he is ready to hear these things. Marie
  8. slammed

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    about how i was at "X' moment bc i'm gonna pull that stuff together and it will all be GReat for X moment... then i'm gonna crash and burn for days maybe weeks

    today isaw a pic of me i was haggard with that " you know it when you see it look"
    it was with my daughter who is also infected but about 10 years behind me

    damn we are so sick

    Pease JUdy Don't give it to

    Doctors / it is such a waste of time there needs to be a pinpoint push giving it to doctors is a death sentence
    so much time lost

    it's been so long already
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    I do wish they would have chosen someone who wasn't able to work. Its like she has flu symptoms but has to get up and go. SOoooooooo much more to CFS there are those who can't get out of the house much less go to a job.

    At least there is some recogniztion but the show didn't touch how deblitaitng this can be and when he mentioned exercise , well that did it for me.. I don't think he has a clue how we suffer he doesn't get it but at least he does recognize its a real disease.

    So many things that wasn't addressed but at least its a start.

  10. LindaJones

    LindaJones New Member

    I think it was good
    it is good to know that Dr. Oz is educated about cfs
  11. bakeman

    bakeman New Member

    can anyone please direct me to a venue to watch the show online? i missed the original broadcast.


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