I was in a waiting room yesterday and picked up an old psychology mag

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    There was a little article about how we experience pain on an almost daily level, our brains get a little "skewed" and it will make us think we do have it when we actually don't? I'm thinking along the lines of "phantom" pain that people experience even after a limb has been removed. I couldn't read the whole thing but has anyone heard or read something on this order?
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    I had read an interesting article on phantom pain that was cured by tricking the brain visually:


    I wonder if chronic pain can be a combination of nerves, visual input, and propriorecptors. When I had severe pain after a brain injury from encephalitis I went to a vestibular therapist who worked with me on vision and proprioreception and it did really help.

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    I sure would love to pick your brain with all the information you've picked up thru the years.