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    AS I was reading the new articles that we get , I was attracted to one that was about STRESS, and what it can do to you. It mentioned that having something that is really stressfull to you can really make you sick, LIke a death in the family, a divorce, new baby things like that.

    AS I was reading this things came in to my mind that I don't really want to think about again. But I have to wonder if what has happened to me has made me worse in some ways.

    3 years ago my husband asked for a divorce. It was 2 weeks after his mother had gotten sick and we were told that she would not live for long. I won't go in to all the details of this as it was nasty and it still is painfull but we are back together now.

    Duning the time we were seperated I would get so sick, everything from the flu to phemumonia, And female problems too.

    There was so much stress, I din't get to morn the loss of my dear MIL as I should have becuase of this impending "Divorce" And I was morning the loss of a marriage of over 23 years. I wanted to know how he could love me one day and be the love of his life and two weeks later he wanted a divorce and said he had never loved me.

    So could all of this STRESS caused me to get so sick? I had phemumonia and spent 3 days in the hospital could not get my 02 levels to stay up above 78 finall did. And came home and my husband and I started counsleing them and have been together since that time.

    So could all the stress have coused all the illness to start? Did the stress lower my immune system? I knew that my fibro was in a constant FLARE. But it has made me wonder after reading this article if the intence stress of having my MIL so sick and with in 2 weeks of her getting sick My husband asks for a divorce and 2 weeks later my dar MIL passes away. So could all of this horriable stress caused me to get so sick and even caue my body to need surgery "FEmale " Can stress do this to you?
    I really am confused about this. I wonder if this stress of not being able to greive for the loss of my MIL and my marriage was what was makeing me so out of it and so sick.?

    Really confused about this

    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 07/06/2006]

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