I was so Dissapointed in Nashville Star

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Bruin63, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Bruin63

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    It used to be on the USA network, which is a sister co. to NBC.
    It has been doing so well in ratings that they decided to put it on NBC.

    It was not good, they changed the format, and I think they are trying to make it more like AI.
    I say don't fix something if it ain't Broke.

    Even the Judges, well, "Rich" of Big an Rich, is trying to act like Simon, who I don't like at all.
    I know a lot of people do, it's an induvidual thing really.

    The other shows were simple, they came out and sang, the Judges would nicely give advice, and I have to say the Talent was great.

    THis year, the Music is way off, both my Hubby and I thought so, we use to work with SOund Equip, and I think that is why it bugged us so much.
    It made a lot of singers sound Flat.

    Maybe their Monators weren't working, as it sounded like the singer couldn't Hear the music.

    There are some Really good singers, too, so hoping it will get better.

    I Love Jewel, shes sweet and has a soft nature about her, I think she really has the Best Advise, too, lol

    If you haven't seen it before, I hope you get a chance to watch it.
    I still have it on my Fav. List. lol

  2. sisland

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    Hi Sharon

    You hit the nail on the head! it seemed that all the songs were chosen for the preformers and that some of them didn't get enough practice time in!,,,,,,,,

    Hope it gets better over time!,,,,,Jewel is also a favorite of mine,,,,,,,There are alot of younger ones this time,,,I liked Melissa and Coffey,,also the one Gal that was almost voted off ,,,,,can't recall her name,,,,,I a huge Country music fan,,,,,it will be fun to watch,,,,,S
  3. 1sweetie

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    I was also disappointed. I had never seen the program before but was looking forward to watching it. I had seen lots of good promo about the show.

    I will give it another chance but it was not very good last night. I am tone deaf but I agree with you...most of them sounded flat.

    Let's hope for improvement.