I was to go to my water arobics class to night when suddenly

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    I had my water arobics class to night and I had gone to the store for a few minutes when I suddenly became so sick to my stomache and my legs were cramping so much that I was limping and in tears.I have not had this happen to me beforeand it really scared me as I don't know what set it off....

    So I stayed home and took something for the nausea and went and laid down and slept for a couple of hours hence I am still awake now.

    I don't know why I was so sick and in so much pain that was deep in my bones of both legs. And they felt like if I were to put weight on them they would just shatter and as I walked to my car I had to force my self to keep moving and putting one foot in front of the other.

    I got home and the pain was so bad that I took my MSConitn and MSIR and a soma and I got a blanket and wrapped up on the couch were I finally quit shaking from the pain and I dosed off. But both legs are still really tender still and and I still hurt but not as bad.

    I don't know waht is going on with me? This really scared me as I felt like my legs were not going to work when I walked out side. The only way to discribe this feeling was it was like my nerves in my legs were tingling and burning and then they felt like they were not there. I could still feel the pain but my legs almost felt like I could not use them ,What is happening to me?

    I did over do it on Fridays class and I rested over the weekend ,not doing any thing that was strenous so I am so scared that some thing is wrong with me .

    It is a waste of time go to the ER here as they would look at my list of pain meds and tell me that I have more pain meds than they do so I should take them and rest and nothing lese world be done no tests nothing , just go home and take your own pain meds. What if this is some thing really bad.? I am so scared about this. I also have ddgenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, facet syndome, 2 bulging dics L4-L5*** L5-S1, sicatica, bad arthriitis in both knees, and in my left wrist. Add to the mix with fibro and MPS and I am falling apart.

    I sometimes get the feeling from the ER staff , doctors and everyone there that they don't belive me when I tell them that I am in pain. I really beilive that once they see the narcoitc pain pills I am on I get brushed off and no one cares, I am just another person who is taking too many narcoitc pain pills for things that are not real. And they will do nothing for me at all,So I am really frightenned to night as my legs are stil hurting and buring. So I am going to got to bed now and try to sleep.

    I hope that i don't wake up with my legs feeling like they are paralized.This happened once when I did to mcuh cleaning and vaccuming and and bending over this feeling of total numbness lasted for about 30 minutes and then my legs came out of it and were tingling like the feeling you get after the numbness wears off from a dental visit.
    I told my doctor about this as it was quite awhile ago.But he is not on call tonight so I can't all him adn ask him what I should do.

    The other pain doctor we have here DOES NOT BEIELIVE IN THEUSEAGE OF NARCOITC PAIN MEDICATION OR ANY FORM OF PAIN PILLS OTHER THAN JUST THE OVER THE COUNTER KIND.HE gives teh epidurals with steriods which I am alergic too and he does several procudres too but will not prescribe pain pills for his patients.

    OK I will quit whinning and being a baby about this. I most likely over did it on friday and this is a deylayed reaction right?
    So I am off to bed now.
    Thanks for listening to me whine.
  2. Cromwell

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    In December I had this type of thing happen to me. My legs suddenly went out and were terribly painful and I felt almost unable to move. The doctor said post viral and it did ease up over a few weeks and finally went after about 10 weeks. I hope yours resolves sooner It could be delayed response to the water aerobics which can be a hard slog for people with FM, not as easy for us.

    Love Anne Cromwell

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