I was told I need to be stronger

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tobelct, Oct 8, 2006.

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    Im sure we have all been there. We are starting a flair up and you get jest desprait to talk to some one.

    What ifs:I don't come back from this, I can't take care of kids, something happens I can't handle, if the pains is worse then last time, the fatigue again.

    I don't know if all or some of you do this but when Im worried, or something is on my mind I talk about it. Why do we talk about it cause deep down we are scared.

    So I mentioned it and I was told that I need to get tougher, metally and physically.

    I was so upset how rude.

    Like if she broke her foot and couldn't cast it she would walk on it every day with out mentioning it. Or say ouch or act uncomfortable. No that person would stay home on a chair making everyone within hearing wait on her every need.

    My husband mentioned that I was coutioned that ppl would not always understand. But these people do not want to understand if they did they would have to admit just how strong we really are.

    They complain when they have a cold for a few days and sometimes I work for 6 months feeling like I have the most horable flew. With the room spinning and pain that is going through my right leg from hip down to my leg.

    I was so mad I almost walked off my job. After all it was my boss that said it.

    Then two hours later she asked me if I would work by myself through the winter cause she needed to conserve money and I was the only one she knew who could do it.
    What a twofaced ;(

    Sorry for venting but I feel like I have a right to be mad. And my family just keeps saying to be pasient and understanding.

    I don't want to be pasient, I don't want to understand. I want some one to say for once you know your right she had no right to say that. I see how often you work how much they count on you. How much you cover for them when they are sick and how you go to work when you are sick.

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    You are in the right and they are in the wrong. I would do the best for me and get all i could out of the situation.

    Yes, you are right about the hypocrisy.

    That is their problem.

    If you what is best for you all should turn out O.k.

    You are right about looking out for number one: you.

  3. tobelct

    tobelct Guest

    Thank you for your kind words. Some times you just need some one to say I get it.

    I found out today the reason Im having to do both shifts is because the other half of the boss (there two sisters) has been hurting from an old engery and I need to work for her for awhile. and I need to cover an man who is truely ill cause he is hilling from brain surgery.

    But I still get it the one who needs too toughn up because I mentioned I hurt. and have been for over a year.

    Is covering for all the others who have a desease that isn't considered a wast basket.


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