I was visited by that darn mack truck the driver had a sledge

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    I know I have spoke of this before and with this DD I most likely will again. But who ever is in control of that darn mack truck needs to get it a new driver as this one got of the druck and kept me up all night slamming that darn sledge hammer on my left wrist.

    And he came back to day in broad daylight. And again I was first flattened by the truck , and the driver jumped out and smashed my wrist with his sldge hammer. I am really going to have to find the company who is in charge of this truck and it's driver and complain about the horrid driving and the nasty driver also.

    I feel like a flare is begining and it is having help from this extra pain that I have. While I don't know what is setting the PAIN off I just know that I am more fatiqued, in more pain than I normally am. I feel tired all the time and I get so sleepy that no matter what I do I will dose off if I lay down. And then I don't sleep so well at night.

    And for me I have just thought of it when I flare I tend to tighten up my muscles and to fight the medications as I used to do when I was younger and given Demoral IM for headaches.

    I didn't like the feeling of losing control so as the medication started working and I was getting dizzy from it I would tighten up all mu muscles and fight the medication by making my self stiffen up and not relax.

    I think that it is what i do when i am flaring. Could this be true? Am I really making this flare worse by not relaxing ? It is really making me wonder what it going on in my body?

    WEll me and that Msck truck adn it's driver are going to have it out to night and I am going to use the sledge hammer on the driver so then he can't go and make someone else hurt as badly as I do. Wouldn't it be nice if I could do that?

    Just whinnig because I am flaring and not handling it so well. Sorry for this LONG LONG Post.
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    is Australia's leading terrorist when it comes to sabotaging trucks.

    Hope you feel better, Rosemarie.
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    We always talk about the truck in my house too! When I wake up in the morning I ask my husband if he saw the truck, and did he get the license plate?

    We also have a mean dog who comes and bites my hands while I'm sleeping. It's a pit bull, and he latches onto my hands and won't let go. I actually dream about him. When this happens, I tell hubby that the stupid dog got out of the yard again.

    My niece thinks the truck is so funny, she actually designed one of her t-shirts with the tire tracks on it and it says "I had a really bad dream last night". A bit of CFS/fibro humor that we can certainly understand. When I'm having a bad day, I tell her I'm sorry I can't play today, the truck was in my bedroom again last night.

    You are not whining!!! I'm so sorry you're having a bad day, and we appreciate that you manage to keep your sense of humor to deal with it :)

    I hope you're able to find a way to relax today and relieve some of the pain.

    take care,
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    He did a drive by last night on me too. Try an ice pack on your wrist. Just be sure to place fabric between the ice and your skin. I never thought ice would help with fibro/cfs but it really does. I had always used heat. Now I am so heat intolerant I can only take a tepid shower or bath. I started with it on my forhead for headaches, then neck, then back, then joints and on and on. What ever hurts I put one on. The cold confuses the pain signal to the brain. It really helps me, try it.
    And if you get that trucks number, we will all have our way with him.

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    I am right there with you. I am in a flare also.
    You say mack truck, I usually say I feel like someone took a baseball bat and whacked me all over.


    to better days:

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    He sure gets around. Like you, he ran me over and then thinking that was not sufficient, proceded to beat me with a baseball bat. Seems to have the same MO as the other sightings or should I say incidents.

    It is okay this time only because I see new rheumatologist for two hours tomorrow and want to be at my grumpiest so he can see the toll this stuff takes on one's body.

    I hope your pain subsides. Watch a funny movie to take your mind off the pain. I watch the old I Love Lucy movies and that usually helps for awhile.

    Take care and hoping you are feeling better. I did report that beating to the police! APB out for driver's arrest so we will see where he strikes next.