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    here is a great verse that I got in my verse of the day feature . I just thought that with many of us , including myself , we feel almost abandoned by the Lord in the midst of our pain. This verse just seems so comforting to me right now. I hope it is comforting to you too.

    12When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."

    John 8:12 (New International Version)

    Here is something else that I got in my e-mail It is from ChristianBiblestudy dot com. It is an article about depression . I go to a church that strongly believes in healing . I get asked if I believe in healing everytime that I mention any of my health challenges. I know that this is meant in love ( most of the time , some people are rote Christians if you know what I mean) Anyway , I find it refreshing when someone emphasizes that major Christian figures also stuggle(d) with depression. God knows and He is there right with us.

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    Another thing that I found and felt led to add . This certainly is one to think about. Not only personally , but we all probably can see people in our lives that aren't listening to God on this one !

    "I asked God, why do You allow so much suffering in the world?

    Why is there hunger, war, and disease?

    Why don't You do something about it?

    And God said, "That is why I made you!"

    - Sufi teaching story

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    This is really good, spot on!!
    I think i would like to read that book, Why do Christians shoot their Wounded.

    "emotional-health gospel. Like the health-and-wealth preaching that those who are truly faithful will invariably prosper physically and financially, the emotional-health gospel declares those of true faith will be ever free of mental problems."
    Oh- i think many of us have run head on with this issue, in some form or other, even by well meaning friends.

    "Many in the church feel they must hide their wounds from the brethren."
    Specially when we get prayed for over and over, and we aren't healed. Boy we sure frusterate those people. At the same time i need prayers from strong mature Christians, they have helped me make it through some of the really tuff moments.

    Those who suffer loss run the risk of "the gradual destruction of the soul" as guilt, regret, bitterness, hatred, immorality, and despair threaten to devour it, we deal with lose daily with our illnesses, on top of other losses.

    "Christians have the option of embracing loss in the light of Christ's incarnation, crucifixion, and resurrection."
    Our losses aren't total devastations like the world's, our losses return to Christ, we trust Him in faith.
    He is a Good, and Holy God.

    And, yes, even the most faithful, can struggle with depression.
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    good scripture, and I also struggled with depression. I went on Deplin, a natural b vitamin, (Folate)that you can get by prescription, read alot of positive scripture daily and depression left.The book I thought was life changing for me was, "A More Excellant Way" by Henry W. Wright He's a Pastor who has the gift of healing. Web- www.pleasantvalleychurch.net LOL, BT123
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    Deplin has really helped me especially with Depression and panic attacks. i forget to take my pills, last 2 days haven't taken anything for Fibro and Fatigue. get fed up with pills, butjust taking a break .I agree on the B vitamins, especially on the panic attack issues. lol BT123
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    You know how it goes too ! I keep remembering that it isn't what the people feel about this , but about what the Lord feels about all this.

    It seems that instead of embracing the loss , Christians have come to a point where they want Daddy ( the Lord of course) to fix it for me right away so I don't feel anything. I am not talking about those who suffer chronically , although I absolutely know that God is in charge of all and has reasons for everything that are way beyond our comprehension.

    But THANK GOD ! We are just in the beginning of all this life. the Lord sees through Eternity.

    Yes , God does care that we hurt. He KNOWS what it feels like. He hurts right along with us . Thank God that our losses return to Him

    When I am weak , then I am strong.

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    In addition , I heard of taking another herbal supplement , but wouldn't you know , my memory fails me as to the name. I do know that a friend who was deeply depressed took this herb , and slowly came out of her depression.

    After all , in Genesis there is a verse about healing and herbs . I will try to find it and post in this message.