i went back to school!

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    hi my names romey and iv never been here before its so great to find there are people going through the same thing as me! im 18 and last ausgust i was told i had fibromyalgia.im still in high school .well i lve in ireland so we call it secondary school, anyway i got fm and cudnt sit or leave the house i couldnt go to school.i was in 5th year i think u call that a 11th grade.i missed 3months of school nearly the whole year. the school told me to repeat & not go on to 6th year my last year .i scared to go outside i didnt want to go back to class but i didnt want to repeat.so this sept i went back to school. in 6th in ireland you sit your leaving cert exam. this decides if you can go to collage or not depending on the amount of points you get. it is pretty much the most important exam you can do in this county.my family told not to try this cause i missed much and i couldnt study cause i cant sit up for too long. what they were saying made sense but i didnt want fm to stop me from getting an education! so im doing the exam at the moment and i just have my maths to sit then im done ,i already know i got the passes i need and yesterday i my provisanal place in the collage i wanted! im so happy i just wanted to share.and let people know it can be done.my pain is still the same but im moving on !
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    I agree with you, even with the pain, we can still meet our goals. I wish you luck with the rest of your exams...and in college too!
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    I'm sure you are feeling very Proud and well you should be. It is no easy thing to go to school when you suffer with these Syndromes.

    No matter what age, it's so good to keep on trying, even when it's something that is very difficult to do, because when you win, :eek:> as you did, it is Inspiring to other's.

    Good Luck, on the next test, I'm sure you will do just as well or even better. You have such a good Attutide.

    By the way, my Family is from Ireland also, well on my Dad's side, and there are Irish on my Mom's, so that makes me 3/4? lol I do have the redhair and green eye.s and yes sad to say the Temper. But I'm working on that , lol.

    God Bless You,
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    thanks for the support you guys you're such sweetie's,im really glad i found this site!