I went off on someone today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Kathleen12, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. Kathleen12

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    I am a very mild mannered and somewhat passive person, but today I was a monster with huge dripping teeth and a mouth full of expitives! LOL

    After time and time again of trying to gently explain to my cousin/friend about the nature of my CFS and how debilitating it can be for me....she still just doesn't get it and trivializes it. "I know, I get that way sometimes" and "Once you are divorced, you'll be well". I had just heard that one too many times today and I went off on her and Lord! I couln't stop! And you know what?? It felt good....yes, I mean good! But of course I was totally wiped out afterwards LOL.

    Any way, after I recovered a bit of my energy I called her back and apologized and explained to her the frustration we who suffer have. I also suggested to her to do a little research on it herself so she could get a better understanding and that I'm not just a little tired.

    Just thought I'd share that little bit of my release valve!
  2. budmickl

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    I feel like my gasket is just a degree or 2 from exploding myself. Except I don't have any reason... and no one deserves it. Ever feel that way?

    I know how liberating it can feel to finally get your message across to someone, but then have to call and apologize because the method of delivery wasn't worth the message. (I think that is what I mean) You wanted to make a point but the way you made it wasn't the best way?

    Does that make sense?

    Oh well, anyway, sometimes you just have let it out! You go girl!!

  3. bevy2most

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    I was talking to my Dad the other day, and told him that I have been sick (in a flare) since before Thanksgiving, and there has been no let up, he said "you mean that you are just in pain" I guess pain is not sick, or doesn't make you feel ill. arg!!!! In a previous conversation he told me that I was probably just depressed and that is why I have fm I had to explain that some people are depressed due to having chronic pain/illness, but that I am not depressed, and depression isn't a cause for fm.
    I have had to use every source of niceness in my body to not flip out on him, God love him.
    My mother on the other hand is very understanding, and educated on fm, I just wish that some of that would rub off on dear old Dad.
    Understanding you frustration,
    Oh and pray that she doesn't read the article that ran in the NY Times today.
  4. laceymae

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    It feels good sometimes.

    Went off on hubby last week.Didn't feel like making an hour drive and he wasn't happy about it.

    He usually doesn't say anything, but this time it just hit me the wrong way.

    He works with a man whose wife has fibro, makes the comment that she sometimes can't get out of bed in the morning. I hardly ever miss a morning packing his lunch, no matter how bad I feel. I told him that I have to struggle sometimes, but I still do it, I always want to see him off in the morning.

    I felt like he was saying that I wasn't that sick.

    got a lot of things out in the open and he now understands what not to say to me.

  5. jole

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    Dear sweet, gentle, kind, ever thinking of others, giver of compliments Kathleen~ Woohoooooo!!!!! You are now one of the rest of us...lol :)

    Reminds me of the time someone ran a stopsign and almost hit us when our kids were little...our youngest, out of the blue, said "Flip him over, dad". She really meant flip him off.... we still laugh about thaat one.

    Bet you wonder where that came from? Well, someone answered your post saying something about wanting to flip out or something at her dad...and it reminded me.

    Sorry, can you follow my mind at all? 'cause I haven't been able to all day today, and have no idea where it's at.

    Anyway, yes, it is good to get it off your chest, and yes, you are still a very good person 'cause I'm not so sure I would have called back to apologize......
  6. Kathleen12

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    Jole...LOL. I sure didn't feel like the "sweet, gentle, kind, ever thinking of others, giver of compliments" Kathleen you just described during my tyrade. Now I can return to the "roll over on my back for a belly rub" Kathleen. Thanks for the welcome into the club