I went to a healing service!

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    I had a really awesome night! I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia back in '01 and it has really been a struggle. Pain, lack of sleep, and depression have been a big up-hill battle for me. To make a long story short, I have been praying to God for a miracle in my life. I said, "Lord, something good has to happen; I cannot keep living like this."

    Just a few days ago, I asked Jesus for a miracle and wow,,,,,,,,,I finally got an answer. Tonight two of my friends and myself went to a praise center. We have been going there for a few months now, but tonight was special. They were having a healing service. Out of all the times we have gone there, this was the first night that they were having a healing service.

    This was my first time going to something like this and all I can say is: WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! The Bishop had all the people suffering from disease line up in front of the altar; there was probably 60 people. Each one of us walked on the altar and the Bishop and others prayed over each of us. All I can say is GOD IS AMAZING! He annointed me with oil and blessed my feet and he touched me and I fell down. I laid there for about 5 minutes in absolute peace. I felt tingling all over my body and I STILL DO even right now typing this! I am so thankful to Jesus for this night:
    The night of my miracle.

    I just thought I'd share this with all of you because miracles DO happen! I just cannot explain my joy right now; I could go on for hours. I just want to share with you my experience because a lot of us loose hope and faith that something good might happen to us. DONT GIVE UP! Fight the good fight!

    "Let us run the race that is before us and never give up."
    ~ Hebrews 12:1

    My thoughts and prayers with you all,

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    is the way i feel happy 4 u and god bless our god is an awesome god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My insight on why some people are healed at a healing service and might not be a true believer might be that God is trying to show that person That God is who He says He is and He is showing them that.

    I believe when God does heal it is for His Glory. I am strong believer and He has not healed my fibro either. I just stay faithful and wait on him. Being sick can be used for good, like I say and others, turn every bad situation and turn it around for good. So maybe God has not healed me because he has a plan and wants me to listen and do that first. I really don't know, but if I had to give a reason that's what it would be.

    Prayers and Hugs,
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    I just happened to wander into the worship board and saw your name. I was wondering how you were doing. I responded to your post on the FMS board about Dr.s in Michigan. You go to my old alma mater HFCC!

    Anyway, glad to hear that the Lord has blessed you with healing. I wonder if it is the same Church my brother goes to. They also have healing services from time to time and he lives in your area. I had an Aunt from the UK come for a visit and they took her to the healing service and she was plagued with severe back pain and after the service, her pain was so much better and has continued to get better.

    The Lord does work in mysterious ways!

    Take care, Sally
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    Thank you for sharing your experience! I believe in miracles. God is still the same today. He's not old, retired, or gray!!!