I went to a Reflexologist

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by patchwork, May 2, 2003.

  1. patchwork

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    last week and had great results! The next day I was really rough and had severe diorreah, but after that the pain in my back went away and some other problems eased up. Still have extreme fatigue but I definitely think Reflexology can help. Iv'e had it before and try and practice it myself on friends and family. Unfortunately it'stoo expensive to have it every week which is what would be ideal. But I recommend trying it!
    Another thing which has helped me is Homeopathy. Again it hasn't done anything for the exhaustion but Iv'e been generally much healthier and haven't been catching everything going. And my insurance pays some of it!
  2. nct

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    I love reflexology as well.

    Its highly recommended at the clinic I go to for the rest of my treatments for the CFS. They only charge $15 there, though I go about every other week for treatment. But this is a small clinic, run out of 2 houses, so they can afford the charge less.

    I had reflexology before the Dx of CFS, and loved it then. It just makes sense to me to keep going.

    Hang in there everyone!!!

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    My mom has studied reflexology and has taught me how to do a little on myself. It is wonderful and amazing that every part of your foot/hand is connected to a body part!
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    never looked into it~For those who have.Can you really rub say...the base of your left thumb for stomach pain?(just an example)This is soooooo weird,I gotta check it out!Iridology seems neat to learn about too.
  5. debbiem31

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    It's weird how it works. I have had excruciating stomach cramps and pains before. My mom would apply pressure to the area on my foot that correlated with my ovaries and it would alleviate my cramps. Now that I know a little about it, I can do it myself. There are many books on the subject available. It's usually easier to have a certified reflexologist doing it, but somethings you can do on yourself if you become educated.