i went to jail!!!!

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    i have occasionaly read that some cfs patients "lose" their fingerprints. there was a thread on this over on the other cfs board (PR). i was SOO curious about my fingerprints. so i marched my sick ole self down to the local jail and got my fingerprints professionally done. and lo and behold they are all screwed up!! the print tech said that my fingerprint ridges are very flattened, deteriorated. the patterns were veery faint, almost unreadable. i am only 40. i asked her -well what are they supposed to look like?, and she was kind enough to quick do one of her own fingerprints to show me what normal looks like. big difference between hers and mine.

    so now i know that if i try to commit some kind of crime i wont even have to remember to wear gloves. LOL !!!

    so thats my story of the day.

    bigmama2 (aka "freakshow")
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    i dont know. i dont know what it means or what causes it. the tech said that it can happen in people who wash hands a lot - like drs. I am so not a wash hands a lot type of person. never have been.

    i have no idea if healthy peoples fingerprints atrophy as they get older. i should have asked the tech that. but there was a line of others waiting to get printed.


    bm2 (poo still good ;)
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    Before I had CFS about 20 plus years ago, I applied for a state job and was finger printed. They had trouble getting my prints to show. Lucky, they did get enough that I got the job but now I wonder if I was or had CFS/FM then but not in the bad stage it is in today. I remember they couldn't understand why they couldn't get a good set of prints on me .. Makes you wonder.
    I wasn't a so called had washer either.

    This miserable strange disease. I have spent the last 24 hrs in bed, wondering and probably know this is now my life..

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    Hi, all.

    Dr. Cheney has reported on the fingerprint fading in CFS in his talks over the past few years.
    Here's what he said in one of his most recent talks:

    "CFIDS patients often don't have any fingerprints. About 10% literally cannot be fingerprinted at all on any of their digits. Up to 50% of them are somewhat affected, and 50% have normal fingerprints. If you biopsy the tissue [make a microscopic examination of surgically removed tissue], they show various pathologies in the dermis [skin] that I think explain some of this.
    They show lymphocytic perivasculitis [inflammation of blood vessels], which is a type of immune activation phenomenon that could produce problems of nutrient supply to the dermis. They also show punched-out lesions in the fibroblasts [cells that produce connective tissue], suggesting that they may not be making collagen correctly. [This appears to be related to a periarteritis secondary to fibroblasts congregating in the distal circulation] That could definitely affect fingerprints.
    So collagen synthesis could be affected. Fingerprint destruction is quite interesting and quite unusual and is seen even in 20-year-olds with CFIDS. I asked a deputy sheriff how often it was they could not get fingerprints from some-one, and his answer was, 'Almost never.' "

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    Whew, I thought maybe you were arrested for a crime against the doctor who gave you the colonoscopy, LOL!!

    I have had my fingerprints taken when I worked with students as it is a state law. Didn't even have ink put on my fingers as it was scanned by a computer. This was before this DD and they were normal at the time.

    Should we warn everyone in Florida about your ability to commit the perfect crime?

    I think this has the makings of a crime novel.

    "It was a dark and stormy night. She was preparing for her colonoscopy which was scheduled for the next day. Suddenly................"

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    Wow, you learn something new everyday, huh?

    I have never heard of this! Thanks for sharing.
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    & I thought I was weird for buying an ink pad after reading about the fingerprint thing! ; )

    would not have even thought to try the jail, though

    & in case you are wondering, I have not lost my fingerprints entirely, but there are patches where they are smooth and other places where they are much less deeply grooved than they used to be
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    thanks for adding all of your 2 cents to this issue. weird stuff!!!

    c'mon everybody! go to jail and get fingerprinted!! you know you want to know how normal or not your prints are. call or google your jail or sherrif and find out about it. mine was a $5.00 fee. and i had to show my dr lisc.

    omg i just had an "a-ha" moment. CFS makes you lose your identity-- LITERALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats funny and really sad :(


    ps- i have read that some criminals try to "remove" their fingerprints from their fingertips with sandpaper or burning or whatever.

    well, i am one step ahead of them, baby! now what crime to do? how about getting even with all the jackhole doctors who did not properly diagnose me w cfs for years and years.


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    When I look at mine I see fingerprints. Can you tell by just looking at them?
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    hi! when i look (in strong light and up close) i see very very faint fingerprints. they also look a little shiny. there are many wrinkles- both horizontal ones, and vertical ones. if i rub my two hands together at the fingertips- it all feels very smooth.


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    As we get older, our fingerprints do sort of smooth away. However, CFS makes that much more obvious, and it happens much sooner.
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    I just fingerprinted myself using my ink pad and I have definite fingerprints even though I have had CFS for the past 19 years.
  13. MsE

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    I should have written that aging does cause fingerprints to deteriorate and that CFS can also do this. My reply made it sound as though I thought it always did. My bad.