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    I wanted to let you all know how my doctor appt. went on Friday.

    First of all, I had trouble with my computer for the past two days. The morning of my appt. (Friday) I couldn't log on. I called Microsoft and spent a while on the phone with them. Nothing happened. By the time I got to my doctor's appt. I was really pissed off. Unfortunately, I took it out on the office staff. My appt. was for 11:15. I asked the receptionist if the dr. was running on time and she said yes. About 10 minutes later a woman came in and was taken right in. I asked someone else why this woman was taken before me. She said the woman came in late. I said "you're taking her before me, when I got here on time?" The nurse said yes. So I sort of caused a stink and got upset with her. She said the dr. was running late and I told her the girl at the desk told me she was running on time. I told her there needs to be more communication between the front desk and the back. They said they're busy with patients and can't always talk to the girls up front. Right after that I was taken in. By that time I was really embarrassed! I apologized to the nurse. They probably think I'm a real bitch. I don't know what happened - something just came over me!

    When the dr. came in she explained she had to give a patient a shot in her knee and that's why she was running late. I sort of apologized and tried to gloss over it.

    So, now to the appt. I told her my hands are really hurting me. She examined them, did a few tests and said I probably have carpal tunnel syndrome. Then I told her how I think Trazadone is keeping my weight on me. She asked me about my sleep - how long I sleep, do I wake up in the middle of the night, am I in pain, etc. She switched me to Neurontin. I still have to wean off the Trazadone, but am starting with 100 mg. of Neurontin. Then I'll start increasing it and lowering the dose of Trazadone. She wants to see me in 2 months but insisted I call her in one month to see how I'm doing. She said if the pain doesn't get better she wants me to have a nerve conduction test.

    She examined my tender points and they were certainly tender! I always have that pain. I told her I can't exercise until I see my gynecologist and get the okay.

    I discussed Dysautonomia, mycoplasma and the sensory overload problem I have. As far as Dysautononmia and sensory overload, she agreed that our systems are probably "off". I think she feels you have to treat each problem as it arises. She also feels that sleep is very important. If we're rested and sleep properly it makes a big difference. She doesn't know much about mycoplamas and feels more research is needed about that.

    So all in all, she was very respectful of me and didn't pooh-pooh what I said. She takes me seriously and I feel she is taking good care of me. She was very insistent I call her back in a month.

    Now I am going to bake her and her staff a banana bread to apologize. I always "go over" and then feel like a jerk afterwards. I don't know why I do this. But I'm having a great weekend. My husband is off this week and we're spending a lot of time together! Plus, my son got his grades this semester - an A+, A, and 2 B's. We're going to take him out to dinner to celebrate!!!!

    I'm sorry this is so long. As I said, I had a lot of problems with my computer and couldn't get on properly. I hope you all have a great and pain-free weekend!!!!

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    Wow, good news all around. I'm glad you like the doc. It's always good when any doc takes us seriously and offers treatment. Enjoy your celebtration.

    Love, Mikie