I went to my rhumey yesterday and he came down on

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    me about the lack of support from my husband.
    and i took this very personally, i didnt mean to but i couldnt help and i left upset.

    he was upset about the lack of involvement from my husband and told me i need to find a way to involve him?!

    how can you make someone be involved?? lol! i know its dumb to be upset and he pushed for me to start walking 3x a week and by the time i get home from work and run around like crazy taking care of the kids. forget it! im tired!

    Well i guess i just needed to vent if anyone has any good ideas please pass them my way!!
    Thank You,
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    It seems to me if you are working and raising kids, you are getting all the exercise you need.
    Maybe what you need is complete quiet and solitude for 1-2 hours each day where you just sit and do nothing except a crossword puzzle or crochet.
    This might seem weird but that is what helped me.
    Life is so stressful and just to take some time each day to escape can be very healing.
    It seems we are supposed to feel guilty for resting.
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    You are right he does care very much, and i know this and probably shouldnt whine, with 7 kids i would be exhausted too!

    I have 3 who go in different directions all the time. and its so hard for me to exercise also.

    i have told my rhumey all the ways i have tried to involve my DH! but he says i need to try harder, and that my family is 2300 miles away he needs to take care of me! lol! how do you make a DH do that! lol! take care julie!

    pvlady- thats what i thought too, because i have to walk around alot during the day at work! but he says its not enough!

    Thank you,
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    Sometimes I think they come down hard on us.

    My guess: they do not want us to give up on anything.

    Tired as we are they want us to keep moving.

    In a way, personal or not, maybe they take that extra time to give us some kind of support.

    I believe the best ones will go the extra mile.

    Mine wants me to exercise easily, but aroebically (sp?), so I bought a Richard Simmons DVD.

    No good for me.

    So I bought a home mini gym system. I do it very early in the morning.

    Yes, bring your husband into it. That's how I got my divorce. (know what I mean.......)