I went to the ER last night!

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    The last few days when I strain (bowels) or stretch I have been getting a chest pain that radiates to my back shoulders and arms. My arms feel weak as a result of this and everything feels tight and a burning weird sensation that passes about 5 min. It scared me because I thought mayme I was having a heart attack. Also my heart pounds and feels like it skips a beat sometimes when this happens. They took an x-ray and did a EKG and everything looks fine. The said it may be cramping or spasms of the chest muscle wall. Anybody had this and is this what is happpening? Its really painful and scary. Could this be a coronary spasm? thanks Amy
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    I have litterally passed out and also my temp drops as low as 91.3. Took it due to hrs. of chills afterwards. This is such a strain on our systems. You may have a hiatel hernia which I found I have. For most you can live ok with this but doing alot of straining it can rupture so you have to be careful. Also it aggrevates our costrochondritis. Which feels like a heart attack. Also check for mvp(mitral valve prolapse). I have always said no human being should endure what I go through on the pot!!! I have tried tea`s herbal stuff harsh overcounter etc. They may work for very short periods of time I drink a gallon plus of water. Lot`s of fiber. You may have to see what works for you. My friend just eats some raisens. It works for her who am I to question? Take care I do feel for you I do know.....
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    I really appreciate your respones and input on the situation.
    This stuff really sucks!!! Take care!!