I Went To The Pain Specialist

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    He prescribed Oxycodone 20mg twice a day (time released), at least I think that is what the script reads. I haven't had it filled yet, pharmacy was closed by the time we got back to our town. He also wants me to take SenacotS for constipation, due to the drug.
    He asked me what bothered me the most, back pain or the fibro pain? Gosh, that was a hard question to answer!
    He thinks I may have facet joint disease and he might order a MRI on my back eventually. I go back in one month. I did not realize that because it is a narcotic, you will not get refills, you must see the doctor first for another script. That's ok, I like driving 100 miles to the doctor once a month, IF it will help with this ---- pain!!

    What can I expect from this drug?

    Thanks ahead for any info,
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    We don't get high. Their are also oxyirs that you can get for break through pain.

    The different pain specialists we have seen say that you need to take it every 8 hours it doesn't work as well at 12 hour intervals.

    Good luck and hope you have pain free days. The senecot s a real need for us.

    Kim and Gary
  3. granmama

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    Hi Kim & Gary,
    He did tell me that if I did have any break through pain, I could take one darvocet and to call his office to let them know. This will help him in adjusting the correct dosage I am going to need.

    He also told me about one of his patients, she is 82. She got confused with her meds (Oxy) and took too many and quit breathing.
    He also said it has had a lot of bad press, because teenagers were using the 80 mg and breaking them, snorting the medication, so they pulled the 160mg off. He was sorry to hear about that particular dosage not being available, because it was very beneficial to cancer patients.

    Thanks for your reply,
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    drug additics. Gary takes 2 80's 3 x's pd. and The oxyirs 8-9 per day and now Actiq( which is Fentinal (SP) on a stick) They call it a lozenger and come in 200mcg to 1600mcg. It is also used for break through pain. Gary is seeing a doctor at a cancer center to manage his pain.

    They doctor told us that the amount can be increased to an infinit amount as you need to be increased every several months to year due to tolerance.

    We bought a safe with a key lock and combination to store our meds in. The doc told us to remove lables on box's and bottles when we disgard them.

    There is also a free med program that the makers of oxyContin ( Purdue Pharma L.P. one Stamford Forum Stamford CT 06901-3431
    Attion IPAP) if you need or know of anyone that needs the program the pain docs should have the forms and script (from any lic doc) and send them to the address above. My friend gets hers free and has for 4 years now. They also do reduced price. They also do this for their MS Contin MSir, Oxyfast and Oxyir products.

    Hope you have good results as we have and many others, Kim and Gary
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    I have had FM for three years now & have been seeing a pain specialist for eight months.
    I take methadone twice daily & am able to hold down a very demanding full time job & I have three children (young). Without the pain specialist, I know I never would have considered methadone as a choice for pain management - AND I am a Registered Nurse!
    I urge anyone who has significant pain to seek treatment at a pain clinic. General practitioners do not understand this DD & think we are all drug seekers.
    God Bless
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    So glad your appointment went so well, and that you will be getting pain relief. Thank goodness for knowledgeable doctors! I am with you Gran-- I drive 4hrs. there and back to see my Doc! Its worth it.

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks for all your support...let's hope it goes well. The doc said the most common side effect would be nausea/constipation. I got my SenecotS today too. I am all prepared and it's the weekend, so if I need to sleep, I can.
    Christmas shopping is all done, presents wrapped, grocery shopping finished, all that's left is to clean the house and cook for Christmas day!

    I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday.

    granmama hugs to all,