I went to the pharmacy & I expect to be arrested at any time...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kat_tastrophe, Oct 4, 2005.

  1. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    I'm kidding of course - but dang!

    My Dr. has his student PA's work in his office, and one of them wrote my prescription, he reviewd it and signed it. Well, he made a change on my Trazodone, to increase the # of pills over the next 2 months at night. Well, the pharmacy wouldn't fill it because there were two different handwrittings on the form - and they told my husband, "How do we know you didn't add that verbage?"

    That was last night, so this morning I went to pick it up, and they were worse to me! They faxed a copy to the Dr. and they said they hadn't heard back...blah, blah, blah. They were so rude about it!

    So I'm sure they are HOPING to catch me in some scandal, and I'm really sorry to disappoint them...

    sigh - is it Friday yet?!?!

  2. fivesue

    fivesue New Member

    are getting the run around at pharmacies lately! Good grief!

    Let us know how it comes out...or give us your jail cell number so we can write! (-:

    Hang in there!
  3. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    that kind of thing happened to me a few months ago, in UK, and I was SO angry I telephoned the head pharmacist when I got home and told him I wasnt a junkie and how dare he treat me like one.

    Well, he was at my door next morning with my prescription and full of apologies.

    Not nice.

    I hope they have the grace to feel ashamed.

    love Rosie
  4. lisadot

    lisadot New Member

    Can't the pharmacy get off their lazy butts and CALL the doctor's office. All it takes is a quick verification! Unreal! And then change to a different pharmacy if you can...

    Sorry you are going through this.

  5. spasco

    spasco New Member

    What a terrible thing to do!! How dare they treat you like that. I would call my dr right away and tell him in no uncertain terms exactly what they did and ask him to fix it.

    Sorry to hear this happened to you.

    God bless! Stephanie
  6. bunnyrabs

    bunnyrabs New Member

    It's not the pharmacists' fault, it's We The People's fault because we (or our elected leaders) somewhere along the line decided certain drugs which cannot be safely used without medical supervision should require a prescription (Durham-Humphrey Amendment to FDCA 1951), and addictive substances should be strictly controlled by DEA agents with machine guns (Controlled Substances Act of 1970).

    In We The People's defense, the laws probably seemed like a good idea at first, until they morphed into an official War on Drugs, and we all became the enemy in the eyes of the government (and doctors, pharmacists, nurses, etc., who must follow the laws as written, or face administrative and/or criminal action themselves).

    It doesn't excuse the treatment we get from medical personnel, but it does explain how the road to hell is paved by good intentions.
  7. Alyndra

    Alyndra New Member

    They give extras! ;)

    Twice now they haven't had the # of pills on hand needed to fill my 30 day prescription - so they give me half and an IOU for the other half. After 15 days I call to let them know I'll be picking up the remainder of my presription - and when I get there they give me a full 30 day supply! The best part is the next time my doctor calls in my prescriptions, they fill another 30 day supply, and also give me the 15 day IOU pills!! It works out to be 2 for 1 at my Pharmacy! And yes, they've even done it with narcotics.

    I have to take all my prescriptions with me to my doctor -and he busts a gut everytime he sees twice as many pills then what he prescribed!

    Everyday is Friday around here ;)
  8. tiredinaz

    tiredinaz New Member

    I have on more than one occasion been given someone elses meds. I don't think it is the negligence of the pharmacist as it is the rest of the staff. They don't really care and act as if you are intruding on their time. Half the time they don't even let you get your whole name out before they go look for your meds. Customer service is a big issue there.
  9. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I would get all my info. togther and send it to all the managment for this pharmacy.How dare they accuse you of doing this?I would probably have been like you.Everyone it that store would have heard about it.PA's reight out perscriptions all the time,is this pharmacist stupid?

  10. kat_tastrophe

    kat_tastrophe New Member

    I completely understand that they must verify the difference in handwriting...what I don't understand or appreciate is them saying "How do we know YOU didn't add that?" to my husband when he went back to pick it up. I also don't understand why they didn't call or make any effort to resolve it until I went to pick it up at 11am the next day! They also didnt' ask me to wait, so I had to come back AGAIN...

    I do work in customer service, and I would have asked the person to wait a second, and said that I would try to call while they were standing there...not completely ignore the problem, and expect them to come back for the 4th time.

    On a happy note, (always trying to look for the silver lining) when the pharmacist gave me my prescription, he looked at my receipt, and it had the random survey request at the bottom, so he offered me free pens and coloring books - "as many as you want"!!!


  11. Bambi

    Bambi New Member

    places, the doctor or the pharmacy but sometimes it's hard. The last time my husband went in to take the prescription for my meds the pharmacist said we could save $40 on the copay if we opted for generic. Well it wasn't approved on the script so he took it back to the doctor (nurse) the next day and she had it changed to generic. He then took the new script in to the pharmacy and they didn't HAVE the generic. SO he went to the same pharmacy (company) but a different address. The pharmacist there filled it.

    Within a couple of days we realized that the generic form of the medication was not working as well as the Brand name. I called the pharmacist that filled it and asked if they had any complaints about the
    generic. She said "YES! Get the Brand name!". So yesterday, it's time for the refill, my husband called the doctor's office to find out when to pick up the new script. He told her about the problem with the generic and told her to please have the dr go back to the Brand name. So she says that the insurance will only pay for the generic.

    Why, when they were "going to" fill the Brand name in the first place would the insurance co decide on such a change, and especially since we are
    entitled to choose Brand or generic and have to pay the copay accordingly? I don't think the nurse KNOWS, but she is this doctor's SAINT
    and she makes all the scripts up ahead of time, puts them in the folders and then has him sign them before they get handed out. I think she just already made it out for the
    generic and doesn't WANT to change it.

    In any case the worst situation I ever had at a pharmacy was several years ago. My husband's insurance at work changed just as my doctor retired. So I saw a new doctor once, had all the usual tests for NOT HAVING FM run all over again and made another appointment for the results and then the script for the meds I'd
    been on for a long time.

    I went back to the doctor's office and was informed the doctor is dropping me and will NOT even talk to me much less see me. Being rightfully upset I made somewhat of a scene until the nurse took us back to the examining room. She said the pharmacist had called and said he had gotten calls from several pharmaciess saying I was getting multiple prescriptions from multiple pharmacies. I TOLD the nurse I had only dealt with THAT pharmacy and had never had more than one doctor at a time.

    She refused to discuss it and we went
    straight to the pharmacy. He had a long line but I went straight to the front of it and demanded that he explain why he had called my doctor with erroneous information about me.

    He said he HAD had calls from these several pharmacies etc etc.. I asked him to name them and of course he couldn't. SO we went to every pharmacy in this city anywhere within a 20 mile radius and got them all to
    sign that they had never heard of me
    and had never filled a prescription for me.

    I then took it all to the doctor's office first, but he still refused to
    see me. Then we took it to the pharmacy and he still said he'd had calls. So I got a new doctor and a new pharmacy. I then called the main office of the pharmacy somewhere in Utah and told them what happened. The man I spoke to told me he could not "force the pharmacist to fill prescriptions" for me. I told him I didn't WANT prescriptions filled but I wanted his lying informationt taken out of the computer and for him to officially apologize for his false and embarrassing information to that

    Well he never apologized and I was TOLD he took the info out of the computer but have no way to know. I later found out he was friend's with the doctor who bungled my mother's care and ended up in her not knowing she had cancer until it was so far gone in her system it was untreatable.

    This doctor has been named the "Worst Doctor"in our state more than once in our main newspaper, has had several investigations done by a special newspaper here and is notorious for causing patients deaths and more.

    At the time we took it to the Board
    of Medicine he had 13 open complaints against him, including one woman who
    claimed he had traded sex for meds and when she couldn't get action at the Board she committed suicide. Another man had died of cancer from his exrays not being read. He had several sex for drugs complaints.

    When the woman who committed suicide
    called the Board to complain and find out how to complain she was told "are you sure you want to do this? He just got married and it will upset his bride!".

    He was "trained" in the Dominican Republic at a school that shortly after he "graduated" was closed down for "selling diplomas". He had been ordered to drug rehab and prescribing
    classes but never went. And still he was the last I know in practice and 99% of his patients are unsuspecting seniors.

    There was little question my taking the case to the Board ended up in his
    pharmacist friend making the false accusations about me. But by that time, contending with my mother's death 21 days after diagnosis at the emergency room...followed by the mess with the doctor and pharmacist, I was in NO shape to sue. I should have. I am not a sueing person, I've had several times in my life when I should have but knew my anxiety and
    pain would suffer too much.

    After several unsuccessful suits against this doctor by people someone finally won a big one. He had cancelled his malpractice insurance and put all his assets in a corporation which makes it protected even from the government. But at least they won. He WAS on every preferred provider list of every major insurance company here up to then and I had called them all and told them my story and to check with the Board for his true history. Only
    losing the lawsuit got him off the lists. But he's still in practice here from what I've heard.

    When you become the victim of a doctor or pharmacy, at least here, you cannot win unless you are well healed financially AND have the constitution to go through a lengthy
    and many times delayed suit.

    I've read that many pharmacists want the right to prescribe and to refuse to fill any prescription they choose to. They can NOW refuse to fill one but must send you to someone that WILL fill it. I wouldn't give them an ounce more of authority over patients and would instead take some away. I feel the same way about our legislators playing doctor and deciding what is and is not required for our care. BUT we are and will remain victims of all of them I believe.
  12. Sheila1366

    Sheila1366 New Member

    I hope that manager sad he was sorry.Did you feel out the survey.You should.

    I know that some people do get scripts and change the dosage.But I just doon't get it if you have been a customer there and had no history of abusing drugs.Someone was tooting their horn that day.I use to work in a pharmacy.I seen it from both sides.But one thing that is wrong with how you were treated is that they should have called the dr. first before accussing you of something like this.And also if they couldn't fill it you should have gotten a call saying so.I could understand when people would get mad sometimes at the pharmacy.People would come to pick up meds. and the pharmacy would have to order it.It I think they deserved a phone call.I just ran the cash register and did some training on how to fill perscriptions.

    I had to quit cause I got sick.1 of many signs that I had FMS.It only took 3 years to get a proper dx.'s.

    Did you color in your coloring books?I miss doing that.I miss paper dolls the most.Do they still have them???


  13. Dolphin82

    Dolphin82 New Member

    Iam sorry u are going through this as if we dont have enough to do with out getting blame for something else i wouldefinatly tell doc what theyre up to perhaps its them who need Mi 5 and should change jobs.

    hope u get it sorted and as for the people with extra meds dont knock it.

  14. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I had my 1st cataract surgery over a month ago. I was given 2 scrips and took them to the pharmacy at a big chair superstore. Half an hour later, I went to pick them up. Only 1. The other I could have next day. No - I live 50 mil. away.

    I called a well-known pharmacy close to home and asked if they had this. "Sure!!' I had surgery the next day and took the scrip for same rx in and told them I would pick it up after surgery. Would you believe that they told me tomorrow ~~~~ out of stock!! I said I HAD to have it today. Went down a block and got it from another chain.

    Tues. I had the last eye done. Took scrip to same 1st pharm. I couldn't believe that they said "tomorrow". I told them to forget it ~~~~~ went down street and got it.

    I told the surgeon about it and he could not believe that they wouldn't carry it all the time.

    One time I had called in DH's refills. When I picked it up, I thought that the bill was awfully high. Pulled over the looked - I had 2 of everything!!! Of course, I went back in. They weren't too happy with me but it was their tough luck. It is so discouraging when you feel like the devil himself anyway.'

    Gentle Hugs


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