i went to the ymca tonight...

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    i did 30 minutes on the stair climber thing called elliptical precor thing...did some sit ups on a machine,,did a leg work out ...some calves...then i headed home...i was there froa about an hour...so it was a quick one..but it felt good to get out...i had to make it home in time for dr. phil tonight..

    dr phil was about the ex from hell...

    anyways...i have not been to the gym twice in one week for many months or moons...i turned my back side ways to stretch it and it snapped crakled and popped..

    we'll see what tomarrow will bring..i may make there in 3-4 days in one week...wow...

  2. swimmer71

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    This is great news! This is what is going to keep you going. You leave feeling in control and much better about yourself. Do what you can, don't get intimidated, and over time look for other machines you can use to keep it interesting.
  3. 69mach1

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    i am old school free weights woman...but i have tennis elbow andi cannot get it to go away...so i am doing what i can...

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    jodie, I have been having this pain, the shootn' kind, in my Elbow for a few day's now, funny, not really, that you mentioned it.

    I use a Pulley that you can hang on any door, and I use that to excerise my arms, I have a bum right arm, and I need to use it to keep the muscles from anthroping. (sp?)
    Have you tired that yet?
    Probably have, but it's a thought, ;o)

    btw , Thanks for the title, Now I will be singing that dang song all day, lol, lol.

  5. 69mach1

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    i have not used a pulley from the door...is that your your triceips. back of the arms...?

    i thought maybe your wee going to say a traction device i know you can make to stretch out your neck....

    i have been using screaming hot toast, tiger balm, motrin, excedrin, relafen (not on relafen anymore upsets my stomach), trameel which is arnica...and the good old ice and epsom salt bath...and also trifelx...has glucosoamine and the other stuff for joints...

    thanks for the tip...

  6. Bruin63

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    The Divce is a Traction type, you can get them at the Medical supply place, or call a Local PT and see if they use them.
    You can buy one from them or Make your own.

    You need a trip to the Hardware store for the supplys tho.

    2 wooden (Dalls) They are round cylinder pieces of wood.
    Have them drill, a Hole in each one.

    Get a Rope, like a clothesline one, and cut it, then poke the rope through the Dall. Tie a Knot on one end.

    Take the other end and thread it though a Small Pulley divce, then put the rope through the last Dalh, and tie a knot.

    Take an S hook and hang it on a door, and you have a Pulley.
    I use one of those Handy Clostes hangers, you hang on a door for when your Ironing.
    The S hook works get on that.

    It's easier to buy them tho, mine was called,
    The Home Ranger, Kidd you not, I passed it on to a Friend, and had the DH make me a couple more, incase I gave them away too. lol
    This one had a long Loop you hang on a door and then close it to hold it secure.

    btw, ;o)
    It's my Rotator Cuff, and the Trapeeze Muscle, that I have problems with, can't rasie the right arm all the way up.
    But I still Have it. lol ;o)

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    i have rotator problems too, among all the other problems..i have had both shoulders worked on..so much fun...

    well i thank you for the how to make it...

    i will look at it better tomarrow after some sleep and see if it is something i need to get someone to help me do...

    thank you again