I will soon be seeing SSD doctor's HELP !!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fmransom, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. fmransom

    fmransom New Member

    Hi my friends, I will soon be seeing the SSD Dr's .
    What do I expect ? What test will be done ?
    I have two different appts. Please be praying about my
    SSD , I pray I get this soon.
    I need to hear from your visits and how it turned out.
    I'm so greatful for our support team. Love you.....

  2. cerise

    cerise New Member

    What kind of doctors are you seeing and what for? Why aren't they using your treating physician first?

    DO YOU HAVE AN ATTORNEY? Postpone the appointments until you get one or can have your own doctor do the examination.

    Also, find out if the doctors you are being sent to know anything about your illness. Since you're on this board, I'm assuming it is CFS and/or FMS. Make sure these doctors you're being sent to are familiar with these diseases. Request their credentials from SSA. If they aren't, demand that SSA send you to doctors that are familiar with your disease otherwise how can an accurate medical assessment be made of your disability?

    Remember these guys are NOT on your side. They are being paid by SSA and their objective is to make sure that you don't get benefits. At least that's been my experience.

    You MUST go to the appointments unfortunately. So if you can't get it worked out regarding the above,TAKE A WITNESS WITH YOU TO ALL APPOINTMENTS. If you go to the administrative hearing phase, you will need a witness because it's your word against the doctors. I never said some of the things the SSA doctor said.

    For example, I said that I wasn't in touch with my mother because she had a drug problem and my last relationship broke up because my finance's drinking problem. The doctor's report said I was an alcoholic and drug addict in long term remission. Guess who the administrative law judges believe? I've been before 3 of them and they all believe the doctor. Even though I didn't say that.

    The first doctor reported that I said I lived alone and took care of myself. This couldn't be further from the truth. Doesn't matter.

    Get a copy of the doctor's report ASAP. Tell them you want a copy the day of the exam! They may not give it you.

    I was SHOCKED when I finally read the 2 reports from 2 different SSDI doctors and they have haunted me for the past 11 years in fighting my claim. 2 doctors, 2 appointments 10 years ago has done more immeasurable harm.

    Facts were twisted and their interpretation was so far removed from my reality.

    I only wish I had known then what I know now. Don't mean to scare you, but hope my bad experience can help someone else escape the pain and harm these doctors can create. I thought I was finally going to get some medical help. I was wrong.

    Good luck and hope this was of some help!
  3. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    in july 05, and was approved september 05....

    it really wasn't a big deal...i did have the docotr say youo have fms alover your body...he had mri' and xrays...he was the orthodotor

    an saw a pscycologist...asked me questions and have me pur things to gether like a puzzle or draw pics...tell a story to see how much i could or couldnt remember..told me to remember three words and he would be askingme in 5 minutes...

    he asked me about what my docotrs are doig for me and he suggested thati needed to be on opiates fro my pain..

    welll was approved the first time no more paperwork to fill out or court hearings....

    good luck
  4. minxlinx

    minxlinx New Member

    I had my appointment with the psychologist last Friday. I was with him for only about 30 minutes. He told me that SS had ordered the lowest level evaluation for me. When we were done he told me not to be surprised or upset at what he wrote, According to him there was no possible way I could work, and that he was going to write the evaluation in the most pessimistic terms.

    I haven't seen the report yet so I don't know what was actually reported to SS. I was told he weould dictate it right after my visit and that it would be typed and faxed to SS within 3 business days. I have no reason to believe he will do anything other than what he said. I know my medical records contain statements of discussions I never had with the Dr. However none of these statements are relevant to SS or its determination of my disability.

    I applied with a number of diagnois including depression and anxiety. However, it was diagnosed by internists and rheumys. I had never seen a psychlogist or any other mental health professional in the past so I wasn't surprised SS scheduled the appointment for me.

    In previous posts people have discussed what was done at their visit with the psych. Based on what was contained in those posts I expected to be asked questions such as how did you get here and to be asked to remember some words or numbers at the beginning to be repeated back at the end. I didn't have to do either of those things.
    He did ask a number of questions including why do you think you are disabled. I of course couldnt even answer the question in a complete and reasonable manner The other questions were basically follow up questions going through the elements necessary to make a specific diagnons. It was almost like a yes and no quiz with explanations as we went through each disease.

    What I do not know is why I was sent only to a pschologist and why only the lowest level of evaluation I would like to believe its because they found enough evidence from the rhuemy's and internist for the physical ilnesses and they merely needed of confirmation of the mental ones. The alternative is that they found little there and just ordered the psych exam to cover the bases, so that they had a basis to reject me on both the mental and physical.

    Maybe somebody knows why they order certain exams and not others and the relative completeness of the exam. I would love to have that kind of information so I know where I stand.

    Hopefully I will have my copy of his report soon (I asked for it at the visit and he said I should have a copy, after all it is my medical redord regardless of who paid for it). I'll let you know when I do and when I hear from SS. I'm not sure if they will ask for any other documents or evaluations or how long it will take before a decision is made.

    I wiah I could be more help The psych visit wasn't really anything like what I had built up in my head. I was just my normal self

    Let us know how you make out!


  5. mistress-o-pain

    mistress-o-pain New Member

    When I went to the psych consult I got asked sexual questions. Like "when was the last time you had sex?" "How often do you have sex?" I never really understood why the questioning went on this route. Just answer what you can and it will be over quickly. Mine lasted maybe 15 minutes. These were asked by a man and there wasn't anyone else in the room and I was uncomfortable.
    Good luck

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