I will try again- (Christmas Shopping-attempt........

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    I posted my message on the depression board entitled, Chistmas shopping-attempt, I meant for it to be posted on this board...If anyone wants to respond, its on the depression board,why, I don't know, I am not too sharp right now(pain med.) anyway, blessings, sheriChristmas shopping-attempt 12/19/02 04:41 PM

    Heres your 'Christmas Shopping-attempt'
    (Transfered over here by your moderator, Shirl)
    Feeling the pressure of Chistmas upon us, and needing to get

    with it-took my bath, spiffed up, went to pharmacy, post office,ran into an acquaintance that said I looked great, how did I feel? fine, I said-(with my fingers crossed)off to the city...managed to get some shopping done on the outskirts of town, but what I needed required crossing the city and going to what I used to love, but now call the -Dreaded Mall!!Walking into the mall, I noticed that my wrist(that I broke in July was hurting, as well as the elbow that had stiffened from being in cast so long, and my left ribs that were contused aching also...had to cut the trip short, I could "feel" other 'stuff' coming on. By the time I was leaving, my gut was burning and anxiety was having a field day w/me.A half hour drive home, took ulcer med(prilesec) and an antacid, heart thumping, stomach bulging under left lower rib, they were hurting too...as soon as I could, I took a pain pill. Still some pain though.
    Husband called and I told him what happened, and he said, you need to look at it as 'going on an adventure',(he still thinks this can be controlled with thoughts"bless his heart! Crowds, traffic-mentally trying to think of whose left to buy for...these things used to bring pleasure, and I love to give gifts, but my body doesn't recognize good esciement from bad, or a good adventure from a bad one. Adrenaline is released and it doesn't feel good. Husbnd is worried, he thinks I should be healed,even though I am a slow healer...I know he is just concerned. So, another trip to the doctor tomorrow-should I count that as a good adventure or a bad one?(smiles) can anyone relate? blessings, sheri

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    ill go read it,
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    I have had experiences this bad too, don't feel bad at least you tried!

    Have a great trip next time, just try smaller areas to shop in.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have mentioned it before but I will try it again.

    Two ideas for Christmas shopping.

    1. The Internet. I do not mean forever but perhaps until you have managed to better your situation, if that is possible over time.

    2. DUGNAD. Here in Norway, I started many years ago when I was very very sick exactly that. I called my friends in December and asked them all (even people I had not talked to in years) to help me out. I stated the facts and avoided the words "I feel". Some was eager, some made exuses but the best ones turned up one day. They baked for me, decorated the apartment and two of them were given a list for shopping, and off the went.

    There is no shame in asking others for help. Believe me, they all felt better going home too. As many of them said: "We wanted to help but we were too afraid to ask you if you needed it. After all, you might have thought we pitied you".

    Anyway, just some thoughts on the matter 7 a.m. in the morning :)
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    I had my doc. appt. and have to have lots of testing done, so I think my shopping has sort of taken care of itself. Your ideas were great, and as far as fixing a meal-we'll see. My husband can give a hand and I will just explain the situation to the others. There comes a time when things just change. I am probably the one thats having the hardest time adjusting. I liked to fix the big meal and have things nice(or what I thought was nice in my mind) It will all work out.The main thing is to spend time with loved ones and celebrate our Lord..(I did manage to get all my husbands gifts bought the day I went out, so thats a relief.)He insists that we have presents for each other exactly on Christmas(though on Christmas Day, its usually just he and I. The children come the weekend after. Thank you Shirl for putting me where I belonged(here) and responding. I appreciate the other responses on the dep./here board too. God Bless you all. blessings, sheri