I wish I knew " what causes What

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 139864, Apr 25, 2007.

  1. 139864

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    There are sooo many symptoms of " Autoimmune " diseases that all seem to be inter-linked ,All with the same symptoms as each other ,that the more I read the more confused I get !

    For instace ...Sjogren's Syndrome , Fibro Myalgia . Rhumatoid Arthritis ,Reynards Disease ,Peripheral Neurology .Primary Biliary Cirrhosis ,Autoimmune Hepatitis C.O.P.D ,Pulmonary Fibrosis .

    Seeing as I have been Dx'ed with most of these diseases I do wish there was a Dr. who I could go to, who would be able to give me a satisfactory answer to my question !!!

    Best Wishes
    Brenda uk
  2. Ranigar

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    I share your frustration and confusion.I have Sjogrens too.Recently I caught a virus just a few days after seeing my Rheumy so I called his office.He was out but his nurse asked if there was a reason I called him instead of my GP.Even they don't know who you should call!I told her he had said call if I had any problems so how do I know who to call?She said I see what you mean.She wasn't rude or anything but it leaves me more confused.
  3. 139864

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    THIS IS THE PROBLEM .Our G.P.'s are alright dealing with sore throats ,coughs etc , anything that they can dish out a few pills for ,but as for anything else ...except for the odd one ... they don't have a clue .We know more ourselves !! because we have the time to do the research & they don't ....That is the reason why we all have to help to " educate " them by taking articles for them to read ... but only from reliable sources eg, Pub Med , The Lancet etc ...where all the research is published for other Dr's to learn from .

    Also when we go to see a specialist ...they can only deal with the part of the body that they have specialised in .

    What we NEED are Dr'S who know the whole body ... Wouldn't it be great if every Dr had someone just researching their each of their patients symptoms individually ? & then they just might come up with the correct answers .

    Look after yourself

  4. bunnyfluff

    bunnyfluff Member

    with this whole thing. But, then it made perfect sense to me. The immune system is like a see-saw. If one side is off balance, then you catch every cold, etc. If the other side is off balance, then your body attacks healthy cells: ie: Celiac's, auto-immune hepatitis, RA, CFS, etc.

    I had never caught a cold in 10 years, but the rest of my body was killing itself. I could only figure cancer was next. It was so basic!! And yet, I could not figure out why no one else could get me to where I needed to go with this thing. They just wanted to give me more AD's, etc., and tell me it was hopeless.

    So, by God's Grace I was led to Dr Rollin's. And she "get's it". Once I started the natural immune system modulator Samento the whole thing started to come back into balance again, and my body cold start to heal itself. If you can't get your immune system back into balance on that see-saw, you will never get well. Does that make sense? Other than that, the body is fighting a battle it cannot win.

    I hope this helps. It was so crystal clear to me, and I am feeling so much better. I still have a ways to go, but I never thought I would have hope for the future.

    Best wishes for your health,
  5. skyeone

    skyeone New Member

    What I wish is that everyone could have a doctor like "House". Do you know that show? I love it, and wish I had a doc, that has all the people needed working under him, and can get things properly figured out. One where all the specialists will get together and actually discuss the patient at hand. Not this nonsense of sending reports that are subject to the GP's interpretations. Granted it would mean spending time in a hospital, but who cares if it means getting some help and answers!?!
  6. 139864

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    It isn't the "immune " aspect of it that confuses me ,it's how so many diseases have symptoms that all relate to each other & yet go under the guise of so many titles .

    I know my own Immunity was distorted by Trichloroethane & that I was being systematically poisoned for eighteen yrs.,
    but this is what is so confusing to me .

    For instance : I know it is a fact ( you can verify these facts with your own Dr.) that Trichloroethylene causes Hepatitis .

    Fact 2 Trichloroethane causes .Sceroderma .

    I worked with both these chemicals & have Primary Biliary Cirrhosis .

    Three different Liver diseases ..all caused by chemicals & then there is Sarcoidosis ,which from what I read ,is VERY hard to tell the differnce between that disease & P.B.C

    I do wish that I had A Dr Rollin's.who got it (".")
    But maybe there is still hope

    Thank you very for your explanation & I am glad for you ..But me ! I am still as confused as ever :)

    Good wishes To you

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  7. 139864

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    YES!! I Love HOUSE .never missed an episode ,but last night's episode was one that I wished I had !!!

    It was the one about the very obese man ( I hope that you have already seen it ,so I am not spoiling anything for you )..who HOUSE dx.ed with lung cancer by him having Club Fingers & Guess What ? My fingers are clubbing :(

    So now I will forget all about it !!!

    best wishes

  8. skyeone

    skyeone New Member

    I hope everything goes well for you Brenda, I'm sure it's not the same as what House Rx'd!

  9. momof471

    momof471 New Member

    All of these unanswered questions keep running through our heads and its very stressful that so many are unanswered. Those chemicals especially are horrible, I'm disappointed in myself for staying in Dry Cleaning as long as I did, but I enjoyed my job and I knew the chemicals weren't good, but I didn't know they could hurt your central nervous system, cause connective tissue diseases and so forth, I've been looking and hindsight is 20/20 as they say. I was so stupid! I know now where this all came from! Funny thing is I am relaxing a little more about it, because I am positive about the reason, now I just have to face what comes my way.

    Maybe one day these doctor's will be educated enough in these illnesses to connect the dots.

    God Bless
  10. 139864

    139864 New Member

    Hi Skye
    I'm sure it will be fine : Only the good die young :) & I have been living with these diseases for twenty yrs ,so I refuse to go now ,as I have to welcome my grandson into this world lol !!

    Hi mom
    I am so relieved that you feel more positive ,I know how that initial realization can affect you ,I've been in that place .But as they say " What doesn't kill you , makes you stronger " & it is so true

    You know I dont blame the company that I worked for either ,They were no more knowledgable about these solvents than we were ourselves ,the only reason for my starting civil proceedings against them was because I wanted it brought out into the open . I believe there are many people who have worked with these chemicals & don't even know that they have .

    I also know that the government now know the effect that these chemicals had on people's health & are frightened of
    the flood gates opening, as it was with Asbestos & most of them probably had shares in the Co. that made the stuff .

    Sorry for going on about it & I will now step down from off my soap box Ha Ha

  11. bunnyfluff

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    not to highjack the thread- but the Cats Claw must say TOA Free- most they sell at health food stores, etc, is not TOA free. Samento is TOA Free Cat's Claw. Regular Cats Claw is not the same thing. Hope this helps clear it up. BTW- it is still working great- I am walking 2.5-3 miles a day and today I planted a bunch of stuff out in my garden.

    I feel like my immune system is finally getting back into balance. My glands are a little swollen on one side today, so the EBV may be acting up a little again (I'm sure it won't go down without a fight, either), but I am truly 110% better than I was a month ago.

    I don't know if I can explain it correctly, but if your immune system is not balanced, it allows things that should stay dormant to rise up. Like HHV type virus' that most people have no problem suppressing, EBV, all of it. That's why we're sick. It isn't anything in particular. Your body is just confused.

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