I won my SS claim

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by monica33flowers, Sep 5, 2008.

  1. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    I just can't believe that I won my SS claim my first try!

    I have to say Allsup did a wonderful job and I can't thank them enough.

    I just had to share the news with my fibro friends and being awarded is a huge relief financially. We were starting to get really worried about money and now my SO other can quit his other part-time job. He works two part-time and one full-time and it will be so nice to have him home more.

    All I have to say is keep trying and that Allsup made everything so easy --- I would highly recommend them.
  2. momof4kids68

    momof4kids68 New Member

    Wonderful news for you and other sufferers! Hopefully every approval now makes it easier for those coming behind.


    DRAGONSGIRL New Member

  4. angelscutoo

    angelscutoo New Member

    I recently found out I was approved too, the first try and after applying just 4 months ago. I will get my first check in Nov. I have not gotten the papers in the mail yet. I got a phone call and they said it would be about 2 weeks before I get the papers. Congrats Again. I know what a relief it is!
  5. BlueSky555

    BlueSky555 New Member

    Hello monica33flowers,

    I'm so happy for your good news. I know myself; it's a great relief to have that off of your shoulders. Also, to win on your first try is absolutely wonderful! If you didn't have to go through the long haul; the long waiting period; years, you're so fortunate.

    Way to Go!


  6. Engel

    Engel New Member

    That is FANTASTIC! How long did it take total? I am on my 2nd appeal. I had to use Crowe Paradis (LTD is paying for it).

    ((((((((( hugs ))))))))) I am sooooo happy for you
  7. jenn_c

    jenn_c New Member

    I was approved on myfirst application as well. Then I felt bad seeing so many who were denied. But I have noticed something within this past week. Is it me or has there been an increase of SSDI acceptances?? I hope so. I hope because people are finally seeing and believing that what we have is real and we need help finding out the answers.
    Cudo's to you. Jenn

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