i won my ssdi ruled fully favorably on the first time

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    i would do the jig if i could. i just called the 1 800# and asked about my closed case that was supposedly had an overpayment. found out the paperwork is getting reviewed at the payment center. this is from a ruling on a closed case july 8,2004. i won my case but basically the judge flet i must have improved enough to try to go back to work. well that didn't last very long. my attorney said we had to take this at this point. thenif i still was unable to work after 10/01/04 then i could refile a new claim and she said it would not be nearly as difficult.

    well i did go back to work killed myself nearly and refiled in feb of the this year back dated to 10/01/04.

    read my bio for all of the health stuff i need to add a few more buldging discs and such.

    but i won my case on the intial phase, i was so afraid that i wouldn't win. just because of the struggle last time. i guess someone is looking over me. i have tears in mr eyes right now.

    i should be receiving my award letter any day they said i should have it in the mail already. i said if i had it i wouldn't be asking about it. i'm so happy in a sad way. i just wished i could still be doing what i was doing and have my health!

    well i requested a copy of the letter because i had my name in a lottery drawing yesterday for low-income and very-low income housing. i still don't know if my name or number got pulled up. but i have a really good idea that it did last i read last week in paer they had only 120 people that applied and they were giving away 220 appts. not for free, a two- bedroom apt is 763 dollars a month and three hundred was about 875.00, which believe it or not cheap compared to my 1245.00 a month.

    well they will need documentation of my award letter and stuff and you have to prove you are able to pay the rent. well august 1,2005 was my last state disiability check, that stopped 6 months earlier than expected. i thought great i can only show that i am getting child support/spousal. which is about $1300.00 a month. seems like a lot to some i'm sure but cost of living out here. and the ex-husband is a steamfitter in a union out of san jose california, and before that he used to manager a bikini strip bar and no i did not ever do that for a living , that is why we are now divorced. well anywho.

    i won i won, i want to be able to get re-trained to feel like a have somewhat of alife now! and have the self confidence to do it. i used to be a registered dental assistant and make good money out here. but can't do that then i used to sell real estate in alexandria virginia. before my child was born. i would love to get back in that again, but i had the social security psychiatrist well i don't think you could do that you have to be pretty maniac.......

    well i guess he must have heard me some i am depressed and i know the medical doctor said you have fibromyalgia all over.

    i thought i was going to have to send in my new mri results from 2 weeks ago so i could do the reconsideration level. thank god i don't have to!

    just letting you all know i won and that will surley elp i just hope they get my moeny in the bank soon. i have been stressing for it is me alone, and i was living off savings and i ended up canceling a carribean cruise 2 weeks ago and my friend is pretty upset cause now here cabing is price going to be more. well i will survive!!

    i want to buy a new car. i would love to go on the cruise but i don't know if she would wan to share again. she basically caneled my out of my room because i requested a copy of my insurance policy for the trip so she got worried and said she couldn't take a risk.

    well sorrry this si long

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    YIPEE!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you that you won your case finally!!!

    I am sure that has lifted a heavy weight off your shoulders!!

    Can you still keep your name in the lottery for the low cost housing? I would think so! You certainly don't make a lot off SSDI and you definitely can not count on child support coming in regularly!!

    Make sure you check with your local Social Security office about receiving Soc Sec for your minor child! You may be able to draw $400-$500/month for your son until he turns 18! My sister does for her son who is about the same age. Her Soc Sec caseworker did not "automatically" tell her that this benefit was available to her--she had to call the Soc Sec office and inquire about it--then they signed her son up for it!!

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    I hope your dreams come true.I live in California and I know how expensive it is to live out here.I think the weather really helps my fibro.Linda
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    I am so happy you won. They try to kill you during the proces to keep you from getting it.
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    my rejoicing. yes i can get money for my son until he turns 18 years. i don't imaging the will wait unitl he graduates high school, but atleast i can count on that coming in every month. and yes the child support you can not count on for sure. i went almost 3 years w/o any then i got some started for about a month then he became laid off from steam fitting, but that is easy for him to do he just doesn't show up for work then he would go work at a strip bar or or who knows 2, he was living w/stripper so he would live off from good tips and go to vegas and gamble and reno and vacations and his son and i were collecting welfare for the first time in 38 years, it was a nighmare, i had a boyfriend that helped me out for a while but i really wanted out of the situation cause he is an alcoholic an smoked pot which i rarely drink anything and i don't smoke pot. luckily he didn't live w/me and he was guinely good to my son. but i would've rather gotten out of that relationship sooner, but he ended it well w/o telling me he was seeing another women. he did me a favor and i have surivived.

    well onward to better things and times in my life.

    and yes i can still stay on the lottery drawing, i thought the drawing was yesterday, but it actually doesn't take place until october 24th, so that will work to my advantage so hopefully i will have my award letter and between child support and ssdi i can say i am earning x amount. i don't think i will be over my alotted income to qualify for the 2 bedroom for 763.00 a month. i will figure i out. i hope i'm not over because the county is taking out extra from ex's check for child support arearages. 950.00 is the child/spousal order but they are taking out more for the past arearages. i was freaking that i wasn't going to be able to show that i had enough income to cover my expenses. now i should have the award letter coming soon.

    i will be contacting my congressman's office to see if they can get the letter sooner and if i could qualify for a dire need letter to get this process going sooner, who knows maybe i have the money in the bank now. that would e nice, but w/my old closed case they have to finalize the review of their screw-up saying i owe money from that case of less than 2,400 dollars, but they still owe avbabout 10k from my son's apportionment from that case. it has jsut been so screwed up.

    i do know i will be going down to local office to get my paperwork started for my son, for this case. and i will drop off a copy of my last sdi check in august because they will need that to figure out the amount i have been receiving and i have to show them when it stopped exactly.

    so now i have had the learning experience of a lifetime so you know i have been told i should really go to law school by a marin county attorney/judge, and it was funny she mentioned that because that was always my dream as a child. and now going through all of this and divorce and unemployment cases and i'm sure there is more i have left out.

    but i do know the ss attorney i had last case had a computer software program she speaks into so she doesn't have to type because of her own neck injuries.

    thank you acknowledging, i just want to let people know there is hope but sometimes for some darn reason you have to fight and fight for what you deserve.