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    Hello everyone,
    I used to use this site all the time. Then I got too depressed to see other people getting awarded SS disability while I knew I would never win my cases. I about let it destroy me and I wanted more than anything to give up. I could not even barely pray for a miracle any longer. I am 41 and had been applying for 4 years and unable to work since I was 36 years old.

    I went to my second hearing yesterday, bracing myself for the hell of the first hearing. Knowing I would be found a liar again for all the suffering I have went through.

    It was nothing like the fist time and I did not know why?!!! The Judge was saying to my attorney- YOu know where this is heading, right?.... He only asked me what I did every day. My husband had testified first and I thought he had blown it. He said things that the first Judge raked me over the coals for. They got to the vocational expert, the same one who 2 yrs ago said that I could work in fast food 40 hours a week. He said that a person with these problems could not ever work at any job.

    Then the Judge said something that is almost never said at the hearing. He said- I am going to keep this simple and award you benefits for the onset of the second application onward and I would go back further if I could. I knew I heard wrong and my mouth was hanging on the table. He asked if I had any questions and I said no. He said I looked stunned and I said I think I heard him wrong. I said- did you just award me benefits and say I won-- and with a big smile he said YES!!!!

    I then put my head down and sobbed pretty ugly while the others gathered their coats and breifcases!!!

    DON'T GIVE UP!!!! THERE WAS NOTHING THAT THE FIRST JUDGE FOUND ME CREDIBLE ON!!! Go after documentation on your psycological problems that everyone with chronic pain has.

    Please someone tell me what happens now. Do I have to do yearly update forms where benefits might be taken away? Do I have forms to fill out now or will a check just come in the mail? When I get the health insurance coverage, will I get prescription drug coverage as well? Please someone tell me who knows? I was awarded the regular social security disablity and not the SSDI or whatever for lower income. Thank you!! Deb

  2. ethel

    ethel New Member

    I'm so happy you won. It took me 4 years and 2 times before the judge. My experience was alot like yours. The first time was just awful. But the second time I knew within 15 minutes I won. The judge went back to when I went the first time for disability so I received alot of back pay. It shows it helps to keep fighting.

  3. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member

    Congratulations. I am also one of the ones who had to wait a while to get SSD. The main thing is that I did get it.
    My only problem: they keep 'reviewing' me every three years.
    The last time they sent me to one of their doctors. I told him I felt even worse than when I got the SSD. That got them off of my back.
    Congratulations again,

    BLUEROSE7 New Member

    I know this has been a overwhelming ride for you...but you stuck with it....Good for you!!

    I am so so Happy for you...Now your mind can rest at ease a little.

    About some of your questions....You could recive your offical approval letter first or you could recieve your backpay or monthly check first...It tends to go either way.

    When you do recieve your offical Award letter...it will state on there how often you will be reviewed...for most that tends to be every 3 years...it all depends on your illness....and if there is a chance of improvment...some are reviewed every 1, 3 or 7 years. I feel like it will probably be every 3 years for you as well...But your letter will tell you!!

    You will be able/eligable to file for Medicare after 24 months of being on disability...which will help in covering drs visits, perscriptions etc..

    As far as your check coming...do you remember if when you filed if you told them you wanted your check directly deposited into checking or savings?? If you didn't give them your acc# for direct deposit...then your check will come in the mail....your letter will also state what time of the month you will recieve your check each month...you can also call your local SS office to find out some of this info....if you dont want to wait on the letter. I would sujest having your check being directly deposited...that way never have to worry about your check being late or anything else that could happen with having it mailed out to you.

    Again...Big congrats to you hun!!

    P.S. As someone else had said every state can be a little different on things....Majority is the same...but possible for some things to be different...so anything your not sure about call or go into your local SS office.

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  5. Mikie

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    I am so very happy for you. It's looooooong overdue.

    Love, Mikie
  6. 69mach1

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    call your local office or go down there in person..i found it was quicker for me to do that...but count on a couple of months or longer for the money to start rolling in...but if you need some now for emergency or rent they can cut you a check up to 999.00 in the office...i had them do that to me...

    good luck

    and i still haven't received the letter stating the medical findings and basis of approval...i was approved on september 15th, 2005..

    ui got my money december 1, 2005 direct deposited...that's the way to go...

  7. Beadlady

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    If you did sign up for direct deposit, please verify your acct# with the SS office. I know someone whose money was deposited to a wrong acct & it took several months to get it straighted out.
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    Congratulations! What state are you from? Do something for yourself with the back pay and have a little fun!
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    I closed my business June 2002, my daughter had been in control of it for a year before we closed it. I made the statement in front of my attorney,in his office,that both my parents were termanilly ill and I had to take care of them.He said the judge would jump all over that.I said that I was there with them, Hospice and home health care took care of them.He said it was very important to watch what I said in front of the judge.Wording is very important.Pray I will get it too!!!!!!!!!I'm so glad you got yours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    for ssdi office you don't have to give them your name..just a general inquiry as to benefits that come with your claim... Most places, it only changes if you have some improvement which is an unlikely scenario....you may feel better for a while....BUT....who it can really come back to sock you in the body ....unfortunately as we all know....good luck and let us know what you found out...i am curious.i hope this helps ...bets
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    You have given me hope for my case! Congratulations!
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  13. deb06

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    Thank you so much for your replys. I have been flaring for the last week so I haven't been online at all. I think that things do vary from state to state and my attorney said to STOP worrying- easy for them to say= and that it will be months probably before I hear anything.

    The money my husband makes has nothing to do with me receiving medical coverage does it?

    All I have to say to everyone is NOT to stop trying. If it weren't for my husband and attorney pushing me I would have quit. It was more than I could take emotionally.

    Also, I think I won on my mental health problems and not fibro. I believe that everyone who has chronic pain for years has both anxiety and depression and then I got panic attacks also. Go to the doctors and have them document everything. I don't care what I won on- just that I won!

    I worked for 16 years as a certified dental assistant and then front desk when I couldn't do chairside anymore. I them tried working from my home doing marketing for a chiropractor which made me hurt and I ended up not making enough money to even count.

    Take care and all my love. To anyone who is filing for disability or waiting for the hearing- the best info. I have ever gotten is from Scott Davis on this website. Everything is said is true.

    Love, Deb

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