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    not too many ilnesses in my family or so I thought my great aunts had lots of miscarrages and my nan died of an anerism also she had a pulminary embolism.

    My mum had been diagnosed with ME at 20 they told her she had onset ME now they are saying its full blown.

    My daughter has Idiopathicthromboceitopenia(immune system distroys her own platelets) and Anticardiolipin syndrome (Her body creates antibodys that attack her cells and she is prone to clotting) she had a stroke in July last year she is 20.

    She was concerned about my health as her problems can be hireditery so the Dr did an ANA (Antinuclearantibody) test which was positive when I saw the Dr a different one to the one who asked for the test to be done he said the test was not conclusive of anything and he basically couldnt wait to get me out of there.

    I have made another appointment as I know the way I feel is not normal and its getting worse.

    I ache all the time even rubbing moisturiser into my arm makes my muscle burn and ache.

    I have terrible trouble remembering things especially short term.

    I watched a DVD yesterday and my husband asked me if it was good "yes" I said "what happened" he said
    well I couldnt remember I couldnt even remember the names of the actors in it.

    I laughed but its not funny.

    And today all did was take my daughter to hospital and move a carpet for my mum and when I got home I had to go to bed as I was so tired.

    I used to kickbox 3 belts away from black and for a woman I used to lug washing machines and other heavy stuff around.

    Its really depressing but im not going to give up untill I get some answers from the Drs.

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    some days are good some are not. if i went through my family ills, i would understand the tests and biopsies they went through so others would not. sure this fibro gets me down. that is just part of life. i read my Bible and trust in His word. that is getting me through these days, possibly months of raising the granddaughters, 4 and 1 1/2.
    some days it is hard enough just to get to work. i only work i maybe 2 days a week. 6 to 8 hours each time. and it is not hard work. but, it does take stamina out of me. how? guess for me. thanks.
    do not let any disease or problem get to you or those around you. every day you wake up, and you are breathing, is a day to be thankful for even the small abudant blessings. psalms 68:19 use this board often. these are good peoples.

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