i wont to retun to work

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    Have any of you been on SSI. And went to work full time? My Ilness isnt changing. But im Broke and a Single mom. With teenagers. I hurt all the time. From fm. But I just got to do sometihg . Help
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    First of all, my answer is "No. I have not been on SSI and then gone to work full time."

    I am retired and on SSDI. I worked for 30 years before I retired, so I also get my company pension. I am also fortunate enough to have a husband who is still working.

    I don't know the rules for SSI, but I know that SSDI has some type of program whereby you can work up to so many hours/month and still receive your SSDI check.

    Call the Social Security Administration and ask them your question. Maybe there is something else that you can take advantage of.

    Are your teenagers under age 18? If so, are they collecting Soc. Sec. benefits, too, since you are on SSI?

    Have you called the local Welfare Office (or Social Services Office--not sure what they call it) to see if your income is low enough for food stamps?

    Can you move to housing where the rent is charged based on your income?

    I know everyone is eager to get approved for SSI or SSDI, but if they don't have any other income, or have a spouse who is also employed (with benefits), they don't realize that they will be living a life of poverty.

    SSI and SSDI all alone, is not enough to live on.

    Our utility companies will sometimes give low income, disabled, elderly persons a break on their bills.

    Good luck, hon.
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    i have cotacted social security. but i wont someones personal exspireance, with the process. i dont know about people being eger to get on. but i had to. i had been working since i was 12. i just made good money , and received checks from personnal accounts with no tax being with held. but when your young and a mom and healthy you do what's best at that time. i never thought i'd be living in pain and depression. i was in school full time and did day care in my home when this illness struck. its so hard to live with all of the choices that we as human's make. but if you live you will deal with it. in 1990 i made 1500 a month just careing for children in my home. so yes i do know that ssi is not enough to live on. and welfair is just not a opption. child support whats that? i just wonted some personnal experiances. thanks
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    were you able to finsh your courses. is phonix accretated? THANKS
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    might i suggest to contact an attorney's office and ask them. and also look up ssa.gov. you can find out some things that way they have the rules.

    i know on ssdi you can earn up to $830 and not be considered income in thier eyes. and that is even if you apply for ssdi or ssid. i just earned about $600 this month. and i am in the inital phase of re-applying again, i won my case for ssdi on 7/8/04, but it was fro a a closed period. whoopee. i totally understand your dconcern about health insurance. i know there has to be a trial period of working for ssi. check out the website above. and google your question can i work and keep my ssi somthing should come up. just some leads.

    you will prevail!


    p.s. you must be doing something right you have some blessed children. and yes i am a single mom of a 15 year old boy. i went 3 years w/c child support. so i know what your talking about there. stilled owed over $17k. i need to go increase the child support too.