I would like to know when do flares go away?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. rosemarie

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    I do wish that someone could tell me that this flare I am having will go away soon. But no one can say how long it will last. It is really upsetting to feel like this all day long.

    I can sleep any time but night time,I can lay on the couch and watch TV and I will dose off before the show is half over and I still can hear the TV going but I can't wake up .

    This time I don't know if it is this weather we have had all winter. YOu may know of it. First if rains, then snows, then blows and freeze's for a few days and they we have abnormally warm days were you think it is spring with temptures in the 40's and then back it goes to the rain ,snow, blowwing and more rain and cold weather.

    The weather pattern has been like this it blows really hard then we have a day of really hard rain then it will snow hard and then we get rain and so on and on and on.

    It has rainned for the past three days and I have parts of my body that have never hurt like they don now. I don't know why? I have not been exerciseing alot, just walking in the grocery store or the mall a bit, but the mall does not count as I can only walk a few feet and then I need to rest and sit down, and I get so hot that my face will sweat and drip down my neck and forhead , it is so embarassing for me that I don't like to go out as this may happen.

    I don't know why it is that my hands, wrists , all my joints feel like they are swollen and stiff. And they hurt more thausual, my back hip , thigh, knees and where ever lese ther is just hurts all the time. I have reached the point that I don't want to move.

    Tonight was so bad, I went to the store to get some milk and bread and just the walking around the grocery store was making me hurt so much that I was getting sick to my stomache, as I was walking out of the store I was in tears as I felt like I could not move my legs and my knees were so stiff and the pain was so so bad that it was all I could do tp get to my car and open the door , sitting down and I just sat there in tears.

    I could not have moved it I had tried this pain was so severe. I knew that I needed to get home to get the pain meds but the thought of moving and pushing on the gas pedals hurt to just think about it.

    I still feel so stiff and my joints are tight and heavy and feel like they are swollen. All of my body feels like there are fire ants on me . I have reached the point taht I can't bear it anymore but what can I do about it?

    NOthing, the ER here would laugh me out as they would soon read my chart telling them that I am on narcotics that are much stronger than the ER is willing to use on a patient in pain. I know this from shattering my left wrist, I was given 500 mics of fentynal over 3 hours and then some versend too and as I walked out I was still crying in pain.

    I came back the next night and the first thing out of the nurse's mouth was " OH your the lady from last night. The one that we gave 500 mics of fentynal and 20mgs of versed and you were still awake and talking, as if I didn't remember this from the night before. I din't get anything more that a IV and some morphine about 60 mgs.

    AS I walked out of the hospital the doctor who was treating me told me that we nomrally would noth have given me morphine but a lortab 5 for the pain as it could not have been that bad.

    That was almost 2 years ago and they still know me from that event and look at me and tell me that I take stronger pain pills than they can give out in a ER situataion. So why bother going in anyway. AS they will do nothing but look at me like I am a drug seeker. It is not worth it I can hurt just as well at my house as I can there and no one will tell me that I am taking to much narcoitcs.

    I know just how much I take and most of the time it works quite well. But as I have has alot of stress in the past few months I have been flaring and it seems that the flare is never ending. I hurt so much that there is not a spot on me that does not hurt. I don'tknow what to do anymore?
    I thought that I really didn't flare but I do . Like i said my joints are stiff and feel swollen and are hard to move, this includes my muscles too. My back , hips and thighs feel like someone has beaten me with a bat and I feel like I have been flatened by a big truck you know the kind it flatens the tar as they put it on the road and this roller comes ,& rools and flatens everything in it's path to that it is all compacted.

    I really don't want much just a few hours where I don't h urt like this, I am so sick of this pain I could tell you so much more about how I feel but the pain from typing is getting to me so me and my aching breaking body is going to go to bed and hopefully sleep. AFter I take my meds.

    Thanks for letting me vent about this.
  2. Crispangel66

    Crispangel66 New Member

    first off I think if you have someone else who can do your shopping for you let them and I know around here most of the pharmacies deliver. If you don't have anyone to do your shopping for you when you go to a store use one of the motorized scooters. Don't feel ashamed b/c that is what they are for, you know you need one, don't worry about what the little girl at the shopping cart center thinks. Ignore her/him.

    Next if you can't sleep at night don't. Get some movies you like to watch, crosswords, or anything you can do that doesn't disturb anyone else who may be in the house and that doesn't hurt you. Sleep during the day.

    What I do when I am going through something like this is I just wear my comfortable p.j.'s and take it easy. I don't do anything I don't have to. If you have other's at home delegate chores to everyone and let them know you are in a severe flare and that you need a break for at least a break.

    Also if you want to try to sleep at night get you some ear buds and a c.d. player and some calming music, mine is Celtic hymns. Call your dr. if you are not taking something for sleep ask for something, if you are ask him to raise your dose. If you are totally against sleeping pills try St.johns wort and melatonin, do make sure they won't interact with any meds you already take.

    I was also wondering if there is another e.r. in your area? I know it sounds terrible but that is what i do, I go to three different hospitals. If i need a pain shot I go to one then the next time i go to a different one then next time I go to another one, that way it doesn't look like it would if I kept going to the same one each time.

    I hope some of my advice might help. I was up at five this morning hurting, It has gotten to where once my pain meds wear off I have to take more. I have been on this same dose for about 3yrs. But at night I have been sleeping well. I take trazadone and melatonin, plus my vicodin, soma, xanax, and advil cold and sinus b/c I am always having sinus headaches.

    Well better go I took my meds and am getting sleepy.
    Take care, Pamela
  3. NyroFan

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    As to your question about how long flares last, I can only judge from my own experience. I always feel I am in a perpetual flare. Some days better than usual (a relief) and sometimes very bad. I never have a day when I feel really good. I posted a few days ago that my most recent flare ended. Yes, but I still had pain: but it was manageable.

    From what you wrote I do not remember you mentioning a sleeping pill. Not a doctor, but maybe you need one.
    I take one and it helps immensely, as I had been diagnosed as an insomniac. It might be worth a try.

    And: I hope you get some relief soon. Have a nice bath and a relaxing herbal tea and be good to your self.
    Most of all, try to relax because you know this disease well enough to know that there are days like this for
    many of us.

  4. skinnymini

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    I have not been able to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a stretch for many nights now...and between each "nap" I am taking flaxseed oil and licorice to calm my stomach which is, I believe, causing much of this flare.
    My body is in a constant "burning state" and I feel totally depleted and achey.

    I am not on any sleeping medications as I became toxic when I took temazapam for 6 weeks and had to detox my system afterwards. I am leary of any prescription sleep aids because of this and try to do it with herbal remedies such as valerian root but they are not very effective.

    I have read where this burning we experience is "Oxidative stress" and large doses of antioxidants can help...has anyone else ever tried this?
  5. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    My flares seem to be more frequent and last longer too.

    Maybe there is a flare fairy like the tooth one we can send the pain to?

    Also, I notice that once a flare dies down there is always something that stays and is a NEW symptom, like my side pain I have now.

    Anyone else?

    LOve Anne C

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