I wrote a letter to the President,

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    I wrote this letter to the President and I am also going to send it to my Senator. I don't know if it will do any good or not but maybe it will put a bug in their ear and if everyone would write the President and their own Senators maybe we could get something done for all the people who are trying to get SSDI to survive. Let me know what you all think.

    Dear Mister President, March 3,2003

    I am a 48 year old woman who has been diagnosed with
    Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, among other illnesses. I have been unable to work for the last 17 months due to the extreme fatigue, muscle and joint pain, nausea, migraines and the inability to retain information. I applied for Social Security Disability in October of 2002. I have already received my first denial and I am currently appealing this decision. This denial has forced me to acquire an attorney, who will now take a commission of the meagerly earnings that I will, hopefully, receive later on. In the meantime I am living back home with my elderly parents. All of this , because the Social Security Administration doesn't want to part with the measly 548.00 a month that I would get for disability. That brings up questions. How can a person live on 548.00 a month, by themselves? What will happen to me when my parents are gone? Will I join the ranks of the homeless? You see, I am being penalized because I was a housewife and Mother for 22 years. That was my job. I didn't pay into Social Security. However, after my divorce, I did enter into the job market. I had a career that I enjoyed and I made pretty good money. I remarried and everything was looking good and then BAM...I came down with these illnesses, I lost my job, my new husband didn't want a sick wife, so here I am back with my parents.
    I know that you are busy running the country and that you probably won't see this letter, but I had to write this not only for myself but also on the behalf of all the women in this country who are in the same boat as I am. Something needs to be done for the people who are sick and can't work. At least give us enough to be able to live on our own. Give us our dignity, give us our freedom.
    Eva E.
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    I am at the "been a homemaker for 18 years stage". My husband knew I couldn't continue working due to pain 18 years ago and who would have thought that the pain would become debilitating? Now, I don't qualify for anything(never mind that I did work for 10 years.) and my husband has to work 2 jobs to make ends meet. I feel horrible,he is exhausted,and the marriage is hard.I pray you will win your appeal and can get on with life. I send gentle hugs your way! Kathleen
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    You did a wonderful job writing this letter. I am going to do the same and write my Sen.

    I am 40 and have worked non-stop from age 16 until 2 years ago. I am thinking of SSD now. Tried part time and trying to work at home. Not making enough money to only make me feel worse!

    Good Post.

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    fantastic letter. my prayers are with you..keep us posted on your progress.
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    I just wonder what WOULD happen if everyone on this board did write a letter to their Senators? It just seems like there are so many of us that it would have to do some kind of good. Just a thought!
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    That was very well written. I`ve been thinking of writing a letter to President Bush for awhile. After seeing your letter, I`m going to do it. It can`t hurt. He`s got a lot on his plate but I feel he is a very caring person. I pray that we all get some kind of relief from this DD soon.

    God Bless,
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    when a woman gets it, thinking she will finally be able to help out at home. Well, depending on your husband's income they either disqualify you or for every dollar over the allowed amount that HE earns, they take money from YOUR disability checks. A friend of mine is only able to work 2 days a week so
    that her husband won't lose his disability all together. She recently
    decided to go on SSD herself for FM
    and a miriade of other health issues
    and was told that for every dime she
    got her husband would lose a dime on
    his, virtually wiping him off the rolls. He HAS to have it to qualify for his Medicade for meds and where
    she lives somehow he would lose that
    also. I can't get it period, as I was
    "just" a housewife, but if I applied
    if I was qualified, my husband's income would throw me out of it. They
    get you coming and going. Hugs, Bambi