I wrote to Dr. Starlanyl re: letter in Newsweek Mag.

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    Regarding the other post about that *%$@!? doctor out in Kansas (he needs to get a brain, just like the Scarecrow in Wizard of Oz) who wrote to Newsweek and complained about them including FMS in the issue on pain because it isn't real and is just an excuse to get on disability and waste taxpayers money *&$!%?! (sorry lost control of my keyboard - not!).....
    We were all talking in that other thread about writing to that doctor, and someone said we should write to Newsweek. Yes, that's an even better idea, but a still better idea, IMO, is if we can get credible M.D.'s who are experts in FMS to write to Newsweek and refute him. Even better if the M.D.'s who write also have FMS, and better still if they lost their practice due to this "made- up illness", like Dr. Starlanyl did. There was no contact link at her website so I wrote to the webmaster (at the bottom of the front page) and asked s/he to pass it on to her or let me know how to contact her. Newsweek would be much more likely to print a letter from her, though back-up letters from us would help in making them realize how many people were ticked off by that *&%$!?: letter.
    I urge you all to go to Dr. Starlanyl's website and write to the webmaster with a brief explanation of why we need her help here.
    Do any of you know how to contact Dr. Mark Pellegrino or Dr. George Waylonis so we can urge them to write? I could not find websites for them, but they both have FMS and have both written extensively about it.
    Do any of you know any other FMS docs we can contact? Even ones who don't have FMS like Dr. Thomas Romano, or Dr. I. Jon Russell, Or Dr. Muhammad Yunus could be very helpful.
    What do you think?
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    I think you're absolutely right. We should have a split agenda: write ourselves rational, short, scientifically based, (and possibly funny) replies to Newsweek AND try to get some of the doctors you mention to do the same. I don't know the addresses of the doctors you mention, though, sorry.
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    I think it is great that you wrote to her and if you can give addresses I will be glad to write to. I think Dr.'s would have much more impact on this guy than us. He already thinks we are goofy :)

    I did email "Dr. " Baker.
    I bet he has changed his email address by now :) LOL
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    Tell them that you would like to see an article on FMS as a True Illness and that the best Dr. on the subject also has FMS. Then give them Dr. Starlanyl's name and info., they can get an interview with her, and show the other side of the Coin.
    Just a suggestion, I think we should cover all Base's.

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    doc. The refural list here maybe a great place to get some names and if any of us go to any of them we should print out this post and say hay they recommend you as good docs and we need you to help us and you. Our doc is on the list. Gee, I wounder what this doc would do if we all e-mailed and mailed letters and research info to him, like the guide here.

    I'm going to send him some stuff tomorrow and if we all did gee, it would be like the movie about Santa when the post office deluged the cout with all those kids letters. Hard to ignoir.

    Thanks Klutzo! Kim and Gary
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    Pellegrino, Mark J MD - Oh Rehab Ctr Inc
    6651 Frank Ave NW, North Canton, OH 44720
    Phone: (330) 498-9865

    Pellegrino, Mark J MD - Pellegrino Mark J MD
    960 W State St, Alliance, OH 44601
    Phone: (330) 823-9330
    George Waylonis MD:


    Memorial Hospital of Union County
    500 London Avenue, Marysville, OH 43040

    Dr. Starlanyl can be contact by joining this listserv where she is a consultant. This is from her web site:

    FIBROM-L Support and Discussion Group

    The discussion group is known as FIBROM-L, and I act as a consultant for the group. Anyone wishing to subscribe to the discussion group may do so by sending an e-mail message to: LISTSERV@MITVMA.MIT.EDU with the following request as the body of the message: sub FIBROM-L [firstname lastname]. For example, if John Doe were a new subscriber to the Fibromyalgia Support and Discussion Group, he would type this one-line message: sub FIBROM-L John Doe

    Big love,

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    Even Paul Cheney was 'frozen out' of his second practice due to his being innundated with cfs patients...this is what led him to setting up on his own.

    None of his fellow docs or even practice nurses would speak to him...were they nuts? I'll bet they'd be queueing up to work with him now....or maybe they wouldn't...sadly.
    I am amazed that he kept going in the face of so much ignorance and personal attack.

    (His first practice partner, Dan Peterson, also had problems...he was as intrigued about the Tahoe outbreak as Cheney but as their work continued, Peterson's wife had her shopping trolley overturned in a grocery store car park by an 'outraged' Tahoe citizen and their toddler was 'evicted' from the local playgroup' - shameful)

    We really owe these people BIG time!!!!!!

    Mary x
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    I will write today.

    I really encourage all to contact these doc's we really need someone to show the true side of the coin.
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    ....just hope you can get a doctor willing to go on record about this (tho good FM docs will all empathize...).

    Among many other things, this Kansas doctor makes Kansans look like hicks-----I am a transplant here (Kansas City area), but I like to think this is a pretty cosmopolitan place with forward thinkers, not full of doctors entrenched in the last century....

    ....does a disservice to FM patients everywhere, and makes Kansans look bad!!

    You go, Klutzo!!!


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    for finding the addresses. I am going to write to Dr. Waylonis as soon as I finish my lunch. :) Klutzo
  11. klutzo

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    The above listed address for Dr. Waylonis bounced back to me with a correction. It should be: waylonis.1@osu.edu

    Hopefully I will reach him this time and it will not bounce.