I ws very sick Memorial Weekend ended up in the ER

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    I think it may ave been part lyme or an anxity attac. ANyway, they check my hert, blood, etc eveything ws norml, sO i asked for a lyme test sinch I had been bitten severl tims this year and some last year,

    Until 2 days ago, I was truly sick. I have had CF & FM for bout 6 years and do over do on good days, but I know my linits. Somethiing wsn;t right.

    Then Wed i got up nd felt different, almost like my old self. I am half threw my 3 week antibiotic reg and am having some yesat issues. I won't go there noe.

    But can you turn around this quick if is relly was lyme or a co-infrction.

    I had been under gret deaal of stress prior to MEMORIL Dy.I livedaa in my home while haveing new kithcen put it and people in nd out all day long would stress anyone out,

    It took twice as long as they said so tht didint help. I thought once it stopped and about week or two of my peace and quiet and enjoy my renoc=vtion tht I would feel better,

    But it didin't, the work started in early Mar and April. I hd My to tke care o my self but somthing else had different plnd for me, THE FATGUIE was the worst I had ever hd, just walking out to the mali box was a major accomplishment. This went on for severl weeks, then I went to the ER
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    Are you saying you tested positive for Lyme at the ER? And have been on antibiotics for 3 weeks? Are you asking if you can get well in that short of time? If so, I believe it is possible. It is all according to how long you have had the infection or infections. And how much infection was passed by the tick.
    I am sorry you have been so stressed out by the work done on your home. I hope you are feeling better now and have a pain free fourth of July holiday!

    Take Care!
    Kelly Sherman
  3. ckball

    ckball New Member

    But the ER Dr put me on abx because all other tests were normal, treated me for Lyme until that test came back.

    I thought I had lost this post last night and reposted a second one. NEVER POST AFTER TAKING AMBIEN<LOL.

    I have over done it the last few days and am tired today but not anything like it was before abx. Thank for your reply. I was just wanting to know if you could recover from Lyme so early in the treatment. I could have been in the early weeks of infection, I was bit several times in april, then was sick most of May, Carla
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    There's really no telling, but I'm sure the antibiotics didn't hurt anything. If they made you feel better, then maybe they did stop an infection. The main thing is that you are better!

    Ambien is awful stuff. I can't take it because it makes me sleepwalk. It will make me get up, sound asleep and walk around the house and I'll only wake up as I am falling down. Not fun, I assure you, haha! I can't take any kind of sleep medicine for that reason, sonata, xyreme, it all does the same thing to me. I can live without that.

    Take Care!
  5. victoria

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    Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    It's hard to know if it was lyme &/or other tick-borne infection, or any other infection, obviously, and to make it harder, yes you can feel better after 3 weeks or less of abx.

    The 'standard' for acute 'known' Lyme (like if someone has bulls-eye rash right away) is 3 weeks of abx, but the fact that lyme has such a long reproductive cycle (28 days!) is why LLMDs recommend 4-6 weeks.

    You may want to look up that info, print it off, and discuss with your doctor maybe staying on the abx a bit longer as a precaution.

    If you haven't killed it all, the lyme could lay dormant & could trigger later, even years later. You could be saving yourself a lot of trouble later on by taking another week or few of abx.

    Even with chronic Lyme, treatment with abx goes on for additional month after symptoms are actually resolved.

    Hope this helps,

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