I'am backthyroid surgery

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by biddys2007, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Hi everyone: Sorry I haven't gotten on sooner but a few things happened in between my surgery and getting home. My daughter,Nikki,ended up getting sick and didn't make it to the hospital the day I was to come home,so had to stop and see her. She got a cold and I think she stressed and worn out. I'am doing pretty good,better than what I thought I would do. The dr. said he is 90-95% sure there is no cancer,but should know today. My drainage hole is closing up nicely and everything else looks good. The only real problem I'am having is where the tape is touching my skin,it is fire red and even when the water hits it I could go through the ceiling. I have been keeping the tape off until I go to bed at night and I have to clean it 3x day. I also can't drive for 3 weeks and can't lift more than 5lbs for 2 weeks. Gosh there went my social life.HA HA!!!! Hubby had to leave on Friday and won't be back until close to xmas,seems like a long time but it sure isn't that far away. Have been very fortunate,friends from church have been calling and stopping by and the preacher and his wife stopped too,they had their xams program on Sunday and brought me a plate full of food and of course goodies. Nikki's cyst is functional so they aren't to worried about that for now. Her dr. feels she has just been under a lot of stress since August with all the family health problems,work and school. They put her on Protonix,sorry for the spelling not sure if that is right or not,anyway she will stay on it for a month and then go back and see how it is working. Trying not to send her to any specialist since she has no insurance. I have been really tired the past few days and a little more pain but nothing that I can't handle. Thank you everyone for your prayers,thoughts and concern. I appreciate it more than any of you know,it means a lot to have people care and worry about you. The only family I have is my husbands and they check on me on the weekends and our 2 boys and daughter-in-law all in PA. They wanted to come down but I worried about the weather. I was not raised by my family so they don't bother with me,have 6 sisters and 3 brothers haven't talked to them or seen them in over 14 years. My biological parents died a few years back. I guess that is why it makes me feel so good to have friends like all of you. This board has been a life saver to me many times and I will keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts. I hope to be able to get on a little more often now,just need to rest more now. Take care everyone. Thanks again for being there and all of your compassion. Biddy
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    I'm so Glad your Home and doing Good!,,,,,Hubby will be home before you know it!,,,Ellie had Started a Where is Biddy thread! I'll have to bump it up so you can see it!,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,Sis
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    You've been missed! People have been hoping all went well, and now we know it did.

    Rest! Take good care of yourself. Christmas is only a week away, so DH will be home before you can blink.

    So glad all went well. Welcome back.

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    It sounds like you are allergic to the surgical tape that they used. I'd tell the doctor. There is a surgical tape that seems to not create this problem. See if they will give this kind to you.

    If they don't know what you are referring to, let me know. I can email my Aunt to get the name of the tape. Her husband was very allergic to regular surgical tape.
  5. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Glad you are back, take care of yourself.

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