Iam Losing weight.....Any suggestins will help

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kmj47, Aug 16, 2003.

  1. kmj47

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    Hello, Ive been losing wieght all summer. I had a doc appt last week. At that time i weighed 98lbs. Iam a small boned person and ive always conserided myself pretty lucky as far as that goes. My doc wants to sche a colonoscopy. Iam pretty much stressed out of my mind over this as i dont have good medical coverage.

    I canot remember the last time i really felt good. ive been living with fm symptoms for many years and i cant recall when ive been abe to have much refief from any of the misioy that fm brings to ones life.
    Ive always been the type of person to say hey you know i feel lousy but try to find the POSITIVE.
    Latly its been pretty hard to be positive.

    sorry to whine.....At least i have some where that iam understood thank goodness:)

  2. Reg1

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    Hi KMJ, I remember when i was losing a lot of weight. I started using Ensure Plus 3x a day. That really helped me a lot. My prayer goes out to you. Good luck on your procedure. (((((((((((((Gentle Hugs)))))))))))) Regina
    In case you havent heard of Ensure, its a liquid drink, that come in flavors of vaniila, strawberry, and chocolate. Its really good, tastes like a milk shake to me. Just make sure you get the plus, it has more calories, and also has all the nutrients we need. Regina[This Message was Edited on 08/16/2003]
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    I thought I would give you a little advice since you mentioned costs. Walmart makes a store brand supplemnt called equate plus. It has the same ingrediants as equal plus but it is $1-2 cheaper than equate.
    I gained back 15 lbs. using this along with y regular meals.
    Good luck!

  4. shipsing

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    I also am small boned and I have found out that when I start loosing a lot of weight that my adrenal's are stuck in the "On" position, which speed's up the metablism and make's me not hungry.
    Someone on this forum told me to go to Dr. Poesnecker's site and I did, read about the typical paitent with CFS you will be suprised.
  5. kublai

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    Take dietary supplements for weight gain. Any kind of protein shakes are good, creatine powder/serum, just don't take anything hormonal and you should be fine. Check out the local GNC or drugstore and talk to one of the employees there about your goals. My particular goal is to lose weight but I am gaining muscle at the same time and before when I was taking creatine I was gaining muscle and weight. Hope this helps.

  6. kredca4

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    I was always skinny , except for a few year's where I had Gained a lot of weight.
    Then 7 years ago, I started a Flare, and I lost over 70lbs, wasn't aware I had FMS at the time. They thought that I had something really wrong, like Cancer, with my Intestime's. I went through a Lot of test's, ended up with dx's of IBS and GERD, which I have known about since I was in my early Teen's. I also have CMPD, and the triggers can cause a lot of similiar Symptoms of a more serious condition.

    I finally stopped losing weight, but I find I have to work at keeping the weight on, I eat a slice of Cherry Pie everyday, and it works.

    Do you find you don't like to eat? DO food's taste different to you? Does Food make you Nauseated after eating? I had to get rid of a lot of food's and that added to the weight loss.

    I can't drink malts or the even the Liquids that were mentioned above because of the IBS problems. They make me sick, and no one know's why.

    I wish you luck, I would seek another Doctor, and get a second oppinion, before they do the expensive test's.
  7. kmj47

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    Hi All,
    i appreciate all of your responses. I have been using the carnation instant breakfat drinks as a supplement for weight gain. Also to answer your question i think it was Sharon who asked?????? yes food does taste good to me...That inst always the case though. I have gone through pireods of time where food wasnt appeallng to me.

    thanks again eveyone:)I apperciate you all

    Love and Peace
  8. Shirl

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    I have the same problem with weight. Like Regina said, Ensure Plus is the best. I can manage one can a day and it keeps my weight to normal. I am 5'5" and try to stay around 120 to 125lbs. If I stop the Ensure I will go back down to the 100lbs in a few weeks.

    I have IBS and the Ensure does not bother me. I usually drink the chocolate. Its full of vitamins/minerals too. Since I can't take a multi vitamin this covers that for me.
    I tried those other breakfast drinks and got an attack of IBS out of this world!

    I have little appetite, and when I do eat its small amounts as I can't handle a normal amount of food at one sitting.

    Hope you get some help soon, its very hard to keep your weight to normal with this.

    Shalom, Shirl

  9. kmj47

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    Thank you Sherl...... for the response,I apperciate it alot.

  10. Wolverine

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    Ive lost heaps of weight and can no way get it back. My root cause tho of all the fibro and CFS etc is because of my digestive system. I have terrible digestion, its very weak, i get alot of pain and nausea, and HEAPS of foods effect me badly - intolerant or allergic. Im 178cm or 5"10 male and am about 120lbs or 51kg. i used to be 60kg so was never a big build, im also small boned. But still i look very thin and i hate it. I cant drink those dreadful ensure drinks because they make me very sick, nauseous, and can flare up the candida. I have to try to eat alot of gluten free baked things to even keep my weight. I eat eggs most days, the more the better but i cant get too many down at once! i cant get too much of anything down at once or i pay heavily! Its often not just about how much u eat but how well ur body can break down and absorb it. Ill hopefully find a way! i need about 15kg to be in the healthy weight range for my height! :S oh well.