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    hi eveyone.i need help. received my ist denial letter Wed. been in trouble every since seem like stress will may you or kill you, I have got to pick myself up and move on but to go to the doc, and have the full payment o joy. to be able to buy you full meds. joy .just tell me where to I go from here. the same old story you are sick you canu do your old jobs.like retail, keypunch.I cant stand walk or sit any lith of time. so what do I do? Just venting I know theres a brighter day, I just whis it was last wed. motherjo
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    First, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. Dealing with SSI is so very stressful and that indeed is hard on us, physically and emotionally..my suggestion is that you get an attorney, they only get paid, if you win, and let him fight this battle for you. It will be worth the 25 percent that they charge, just for the stress relief alone.Praying you will have better days,take care. Blessings
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    Hi motherjo~~Sorry you were denied, but as others will come along and tell you--most everyone is denied the first time out. You just have to hire a disability attorney now and be persistent as hell. It has taken many on this Board several years to get their disability, but they hung in there, didn't quit, and finally got it.

    I know what you mean by the financial stress of doctor appointments and buying expensive medications. I have no insurance, and my medical expenses run me around $600 every month. I have no money to go anywhere, do anything, buy anything but necessities...and sometimes go without those.

    I will soon be 54 and work three days a week, however, besides FM/CFS I have degenerative disc disease (ddd) in my back which is extremely painful and lays me out, life-threatening asthma with such severe asthma attacks I am weak & sick for days recovering, bad allergies, osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, IBS, nerve damage in my back caused by the ddd, and a cluster of damaged nerves in my neck/shoulder area that swells up and hurts so bad I can't hold my head up at times. Plus, I have been out of work the past week with pneumonia, plursy, asthma & bronchitis. I know my boss and coworkers are getting tired of my being abscent from work so much. And, it is getting very hard on me to continue working, but I am my sole financial support. I don't know how I would live and feed my 5 cats & dog while I waited, and waited, and waited to see if I ever got approved for disability. I keep wondering how do people survive while waiting to go through all the appeals and time it takes to get (or not get) disability. But, I have to go back to work tomorrow, and I am still sick, weak, running fever, and have no energy. But, I have no choice. And "no choice" makes it very difficult. The pneumonia threw the FM/CFS, disc disease, asthma, nerve damage, and arthritis(s) all in flare, and I ache and hurt so much all over I can't sit or lay down in comfort. Plus, it is a cold, dark, rainy day today--and that makes the aching & pain worse.

    I know there are Blue Days (and worst Black Days) that make it difficult for us to keeping going, but that is when we need to pamper & nurture ourselves the most. If you have them, light candles all around your house; clean out the fridge and put all your odds & ends into a slow cooking, nourishing soup; put some candles in your bathroom along with some soothing music, draw yourself a luxurious bubble bath with epsom salts, essential oils, eucalyptus oil or whatever you have on hand; give yourself a facial with whatever you have available {the white of an egg is great} while you lay back, close your eyes, and let your mind float away with the music; after your bath moisturize your whole body, powder yourself all over, wrap yourself up in your most comfortable nighties, then go curl up in your favorite blankie and watch tv, read, meditate, dream, drift off to sleep (set a timer so you don't burn the soup). Or, call a friend, get out of the house if only for a short while. Or start a journal and write out all your feelings--do some "mental & emotional housecleaning"--this works wonders.

    On Blue Days, when what you need is beyond your control--it is essential to pamper yourself as much as possible.

    Like myself, I feel so miserable, am so sick with this pneumonia and all my other ailments--but I have to go back to work tomorrow--then Wednesday come up with enough money to pay for the doctor's appt and all the meds. But, I can't do anything about that today. Today I need to realize that I am blessed with this one more day off work, and I need to pamper, and nurture, and make myself feel as good as I can. That is something within my control.

    The rest of the things that concern me that I have no control over....I just do the best I can and leave the results to God.

    I hope you get to feeling better. Many on here have been through the denal/disability process and can offer help and suggestions on that. Also, if you quality--they can tell you about companies that have a plan for people to get their meds free if you can't afford them. Just don't give up; keep putting one foot in front of the other, and take good care of yourself. Blessings to You, Carol....