iam so happy got my alj hearing date today

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  1. desertbreeze

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    fianally oops spell wrog---oh well iam so happy it is exactly 2 years since i filed my dis-claim. i cant believe it my correspondent with binder binder called me early this morning to give me the news. she said i will be getting a letter with all the details but she personally wanted to let me know. its for july 24 and she said that

    the judges here are pretty laided back. i hope so. i really need by back pay. i havent worked in 2 years. and before this i worked all my life and raised 3 daughters. i think that i have had alot of these fibro symptoms most of

    my life but doctors never knew what was wrong,and then refer me to a scike. any advice on the hearing would be nice.
    it helped and speeded everything up ever since i wrote to senator john mc cain and my congressman. i dont think i will be denied, because then john mccains office will be calling them again. ive learned alot from this message board.----a fibro friend ren
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    I'm so happy to hear that you have a date with the ALJ. I replied to your question the other day concerning my own experience with that occasion. Just try to relax and I'm sure you will do well. It cann't "hurt" that you have Senator McCain in your corner, someone who can relate to your pain on a pst personal level. Please keep in touch!!
    Best wishes,
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    I am so happy to hear that you finally received your hearing date!

    I will pray for you that you receive your SSD. I am happy you have good ALJ's.

    God Bless you and let us know how you make out.

  4. desertbreeze

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    i go to the hearing at 2:00pm and i filed exactly 2 years ago. i was denied twice. i think the congressman and senator mccain offices helped speed the process for me. i know that really works.
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    2 yrs huh??? how cruel can they be...but I am sooo glad for you, I finally got my hearing too but I am not as fortunate as you as my hearing is not til October, but good luck to you.

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