Ian, can you please post AGAIN list of supplements

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    for FM/CFS. I know you've done this in the past, and I know I printed it off, but darn if I can find the list now. My DD has been going to an integrative doc, was put on a ton of supplements, and I was telling her about CoQ10, which she was going to talk to doc. about.

    She won't do anything without permission from her doc. Boy! Does she have a lot to learn!!!!!
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    Hi all,

    Apologies that my first post is piggy backing on another post but it's regarding the supplements in question.

    I'm new to ME, recently diagnosed, and although I'm on the waiting list to see a specialist, I'm keen to start helping myself as it were.

    I've started taking some of the supplements mentioned like q10 for example but just a 100mg capsule a day so far (which is way under the 600mg a day in the linked post). I guess I'm asking is if there is any reason not to take the doses stated? For some reason I'm (admittedly ignorantly) concerned about taking high doses of anything really.

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
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    Thanks for the advice. I'll see how I get on and build up from there if needed.

    How do you all take your supps? Mostly tablet form?

    Cheers, Bob
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    thanks Ian.......I'm saving it and also passing it on to my DD who is now seeing an integrative.
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    Bob, regarding the high doses.
    CoQ10 or ubiquinone can be taken safely at this dose (200mg three times daily) A few people have raised liver enzymes at this level but as far as I know with no consequence. However you can take ubiquinol at a lower dose (100mg three times daily). This initial high dose should then be reduced to 100-200mg once daily once your energy has increased - usually about 8-10 weeks.

    This applies to all the doses in the protocol
    Of course any dose lower than those recommended will still be helpful. Some of the items in capsule form are relatively tasteless, like CoQ10 so you can just bite the capsule open and spit the empty capsule out - I do this because my stomach does not like too many pills.