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    This is a quote from Ian Lipkin-an avid CFS/ME scientist and researcher. Regarding the gut microbiome-


    I like that he pointed out that there could be 3 different types of microbes causing the immune dysfunction, in the gut of cfs/me patients. They could be fungal, bacterial or viral. Causing 3 separate types of immune dysfunction.

    He also says that the gut is probably not the only source of the immune dysfunction in cfs/me- but that treating the gut "could tackle a very substantial proportion of cases."
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    How would the average person go about testing for these possible gut infections?
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    Radio- Here is a link to comprehensive digestive stool analysis testing. That's the test I had done and it gives you a lot of info. on the health on your GI tract. It also tells if you have fungal overgrowth, pathogenic bacterial overgrowth and the amounts of beneficial bacteria you have.

    It gives you both the natural substances any pathogens are sensitive to, as well as any antibiotics they are sensitive to. It gives you info on your digestion, absorption, metabolic markers-like n-butyrate, the PH (acid or alkaline) short chain fatty acid levels etc.

    I don't think they detect viruses though- I don't know how to test for those in the GI tract. This lab has 4 different CDSA tests available. If you type in CDSA in the first search box, it will bring up the 4 tests they have. : )

    Here is the link-https://www.gdx.net/tests/search
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    [​IMG] Starts here in this forum
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