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    Every weekend I hear the Prolo MD and his last caller was a woman with an incredible CLEAR voice and she was discussing her back issues and removal of a disc, etc....she said she was 70.

    Anyway, toward the end of the program she mentioned she takes PQQ and the program had to end...the Prolo MD said he never heard of it and the program was over....

    Now what PQQ has to do with back healing etc. I'm not sure but wanted to throw this out to ask either of you or anyone.


    The exciting news is that the coenzyme PQQ may combat this and other
    debilitating effects of age-related mitochondrial decline through mitochondrial ...
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    This is from Wiki and it ALMOST sounds like the Anatabloc I was taking in early 2013 that I had 4 great months with:


    Pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) was discovered by J.G. Hauge as the third redox
    cofactor after nicotinamide and flavin in bacteria (although he hypothesised ...
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    PQQ "alters" indicators of inflammation. Anatabloc supposedly "regulated" inflammation. I truly was so clear minded and felt truly all over great for those 4 months and then it stopped working.....Anatabloc is very pricey or I might still be taking it as it could still be helping SOME:


    J Nutr Biochem. 2013 Dec;24(12):2076-84. doi: 10.1016/j.jnutbio.2013.07.008.
    Dietary pyrroloquinoline quinone (PQQ) alters indicators of inflammation and ...
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    Just read a bunch of customer reviews....most claimed more energy, a couple claimed too much energy for their systems and had heart palps, one claimed reduction in lower back pain, and one said muscle tissue regrowth...

    ProHealth sells it and there are 2 reviews, both claim more energy and one said no pain reduction for them.

    I'm going to keep checking PQQ out and IF I buy I will start with 10mg cap.

    Best food sources for PQQ:

    Kiwi fruit, green peppers, spinach, carrots, cabbage, tomato
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    I continue to read reviews on PQQ and MOST are positive for cognitive and cellular repair...here are some comments from a person's review:

    This product seems to have a lot of good things going for it. I've been taking it for a couple of weeks and can't really say I've noticed any change......I rarely can tell if a supplement is helping me or not. But I didn't really have anything particularly wrong to begin with. From what I've read about this product, I think it will help with cognitive problems and possibly other health benefits such as ***better cellular repair after an injury***. I like that these pills are very, very small, but they are also rather expensive. Well worth the price if you are suffering from cognitive problems. I will continue to take the remaining pills in my sample, and if I notice any improvement (or negative effects) I will update this review.

    For me, I want to keep my mind as sharp as long as I can BUT my main issue is cellular repair from the hip replacement INJURY, and all these surgeries are injuries to our bodies, some worse than others....Price-wise, if it's going to HELP, it's worth every preventative and healing penny. I will call the lady I talk to about products I question as I trust her comments...
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    Here is what another online friend says about PQQ:

    PQQ has some unique abilities:

    Research at the University of California shows that PQQ has a unique ability to activate cell signaling pathways directly involved in cellular energy metabolism, development, and function.

    - PQQ protects the mitochondria from oxidative stress
    - PQQ promotes the spontaneous generation of new mitochondria within aging cells
    - PQQ stimulates the production and release of nerve growth factors
    - 20 mg per day of PQQ improved higher cognition by more than twofold in standardized memory tests

    This person noticed improvements in memory, eyesight and energy levels after about six weeks. As with everything, we are all individual, and react all differently and timely....but to me, it sounds like worth a try for at least 3 months, cost wise it's doable for me. I've tried so much over the years and aging doesn't help it all.
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    Hi Jam - I read a lot of good things about PQQ, Ian recommended it and I tried and it and it didn't help me at all, I actually had a negative reaction to it. I cannot remember now exactly what it was but know I felt worse while taking it. It's all such a mystery!

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    Good grief Mary, I've read so many positive reviews and will continue to read more....I would try it for the pain issues but will call Jarrow tomorrow and talk to the product consultant I talk to. Thanks for your comments....and sorry it didn't work for you. Again, our bodies all react so differently, FOR SURE. jam