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    I'm one of many CFS sufferers who is frustrated and willing to go anywhere, pay anything, try anything (above and beyond the hundreds of things I've already tried in the last 16 years) . . .

    I tried doing a search on the International Bio Care Hospital (the one in Mexico I think), but came up short.

    Has anyone gone for treatment (detoxification, live cell therapy, etc.) at this facility, or, does anyone know of any success/failure stories associated with this centre? Thanks.
  2. Gernmeinschatz

    Gernmeinschatz New Member

    Anyone out there? Is this a taboo topic?
  3. Gernmeinschatz

    Gernmeinschatz New Member

    Thanks for the reply - I'll do a lot more research on this topic.

    "Gernmeinschatz" was sort of a nonsensical name of different German words strung together - I was tired of my real/common name always having been "taken" on every message board I joined. I used to sing classical/opera, and I went through some of my lieder and came up with this name.

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    I remember a dear friend of my mother's went to Mexico for treatment of ovarian cancer. It didn't work and she is gone. Mother is gone now too, so I don't have a way of finding out.
    Not even sure if it is the same place.

    Sorry not more of help on Mexico.

    If you do a search and bring up Rich Carson's Difficult Road back to Recovery, on PAGE THREE, he lists some of the things he did.

    I will do a short list:

    Detox of mercury
    Transfer Factors
    Green Tea

    I am trying the transfer factor that kills HHV6A&B plus alot of mycoplasms. It is my 2nd day. It must be killing something, cause I am having a strong reaction to it.

    Good Luck with your search for health!


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