IBD, Hashimoto's and thiamine

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    Hi Jam - I read that bentofiamine acts differently in the body than straight thiamine, so I really don't know if increasing the dose of bentofiamine would have the same effect on the thyroid as plain thiamine. My guess is that they would act differently, but I just don't know.

    I felt somewhat jittery again this morning, sort of like I had extra coffee, which I didn't, and suddenly I thought of my thyroid. I checked my body temp and it was 97.8 - high for me. Usually it's around 96, even though I take 2 grains of Naturethroid a day. Actually I noticed the jittery feeling the first time I took thiamine a few weeks ago, but didn't think of my thyroid then, but now think it may have boosted my thyroid from the get go. I may have to cut back on my Naturethroid, which would be a good thing!

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    Hi Jam - I didn't feel jittery until I started the thiamine. I think it is boosting my thyroid, and caused my body temp to go up. I'm going to cut back a little on my Naturethroid and see what happens.

    If you started the bentofiamine, maybe it helped your thyroid and helped raise your body temp, or maybe not. Again, I don't know how it would compare to regular thiamine.

    I take selenium too, have done for several years per Dr. Taylor ....

    Good luck!

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    Yes, if thiamine is Vitamin B1, it boosted my thyroid function also.
    But too much was bad for me. The dose had to be just right, like so many things.
    Best wishes!
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    Yes, I started taking Thiamine last year and it helped my stomach problems incredibly. Probably better than almost anything else except Glutamin and Probiotics.