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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Kurt, May 16, 2003.

  1. Kurt

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    I really do not believe that I have IBS really bad like some of you others have it. My doctor told me to start drinking something like Metamucil for a whole bunch of different reasons. Has anyone else tried this for a long period of time? If so, what kind of results did you get?

  2. Laura62

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    I've suffered with IBS since I was 18...I've had three colonoscopies to try to discover the cause of bleeding (never could).

    I've gone on extremely restrictive diets, taken Bentyl, and yes..done the Metamucil thing...

    Nothing really helped the IBS...it's still there..

    But as far as Metamucil goes...I know (especially for men) it's a great preventative tool for colon cancer....that said, even if it does nothing for your IBS...it can't hurt to take it...and just because it didn't work for me, doesn't mean it won't work for you!

    By the way...I thought Metamucil was pretty gross tasting...they have better stuff out there now...and if you have a "Costco" around, it is much cheaper to buy it there!


  3. Mumu

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    I've had IBS all my life. I noticed that Chinese food especially caused me problems, so I read up on MSG (monosodium glutamate), which is is most Chinese food, and found that many people have the same problem. The diarrhea and/or headaches hit about 30 minutes after eating the stuff. Then I learned that many foods have MSG in them under different names. One of the most commonly used is carrageenan, and it's in things like ice cream, pudding, and even nutritional supplement drinks, like Ensure. After figuring this out for myself, I read in a magazine the other day that doctors have discovered that carrageenan is a major trigger for IBS, at least for a lot of people. You might want to do a search on the internet for MSG and find out all the different names to watch for on food labels.
  4. Laura62

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    I had no idea there was MSG in icecream! I always thought I just couldn't eat "dairy" products like icecream....

    Now I am wondering if it is/was because of "MSG"...I'll have to investigate this further...because...I LOVE ICECREAM!!!! LOL

    Thanks bunches for the info!

  5. dsames

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    Hi Kurt

    Have you ever tried peppermint oil, or drink peppermint tea. or you can buy Altoids, peppermint flavor to suck on. Works for me.!!

    Hope you feel better
  6. Princessraye

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    I know a lot of people don't believe in this but here is my story and it is true.
    I suffered from severe symptoms of IBS for 7 years. So bad that I had to get up for work a couple hours early, spend my time in the bathroom ,crawl back to bed for 30 minutes , then shower and work all day. On some of those crawls back to bed I would cry and ask God to end my life. I could never go out to eat. It was hell on earth.

    About five years ago I had to go to the Ear, nose and throat Dr. because I had chronic strep that would not go away. She looked in my throat and said you have yeast in your throat. I said how does that happen? She said usually a poor immune system or over us of antibiotics . (both were true for me)
    She gave me Diflucan for two weeks. I went back and she said you still have yeast in your throat and gave me an RX for 2 more weeks of Diflucan. (also had me get a liver function test to make sure the meds were not bothering my lvier, they weren't) I take the medicine and all of a sudden my IBS symptoms are gone. When I went back to see her I told her that and she said your whole system must have been full of yeast and that was what caused your IBS problems. I take acidophilus everyday and thank God I have had hardly any problems at all with my stomach and bowels for the last five years. It was like a miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mumu

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    I had a problem with yeast, too, for a long time. Got that under control, which helped all my fibromyalgia symptoms somewhat, but I still had the problem with diarrhea, especially after restaurant food, which seems to all have MSG in it in some form. I did discover that McDonald's has a website where they list the ingredients of their foods, and most of them do NOT contain MSG, so I eat there a lot now. I still have to avoid their sausage and gravy, though. I also had to eliminate anything with dye in it, like Gatorade, Mountain Dew, etc.
  8. Mumu

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    I forgot to mention that I never could stick with the Metamucil very long, but all it does is give you more fiber, and I read that studies have shown that adding fiber really does not help IBS.
  9. Nancy39

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    I have been taking Metamucil for "dumping syndrome" for approx. 6 months. I think dumping syndrome is a lot like IBS and is a most likely a part of it for me. I have never been diagnosed with IBS but I have had bowel problems all my life. After my gall bladder sugery it got worse. Especially after resteraunt food. My doc said it was dumping syndrome and I should take 2 Tablespoons of Metamucil with water every morning. It works for me most of the time and I don't have diarreah very often unelss I am having a lot of anxiety. I do have occasional problems with constipation but it never gets very bad.

    My dad also takes the metamucil and it has helped him also.

    I would definately give it a try.