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    The article below was on MSNBC this morning. I know before I developed Fibro I've had IBS for years. It's something to think about regarding the mycobacterium issue.

    Milk bug may cause Crohn’s disease

    Bacteria also found in patients with irritable bowel syndrome

    LONDON, Aug 6 — British scientists said on Wednesday they had found a link between a common bowel disorder and a type of bacteria that can be passed to humans in milk.

    ‘The discovery that the MAP bug is present in the vast majority of Crohn’s sufferers means it is almost certainly causing the intestinal inflammation.’
    St. George's Hospital Medical School
    JOHN HERMON-TAYLOR and his team at St. George’s Hospital Medical School in London said they had detected Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis bacteria in 92 percent of patients with Crohn’s disease, but in only 26 percent of patients in a control group.
    “The rate of detection of MAP in individuals with Crohn’s disease is highly significant and implicates this pathogen in disease causation,” they said in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology.
    “The problems caused by the MAP bug are a public health tragedy,” said Hermon-Taylor, who has sent a copy of the paper to Britain’s Chief Medical Officer Liam Donaldson.
    Crohn’s disease causes inflammation of the intestine and symptoms include diarrhea, pain, weight loss and tiredness. About 100,000 people in Britain alone are affected, with about 5,000 new cases reported every year.

    The study was backed by the medical charity Action Research, which said previous findings showed MAP is present in two percent of retail pasteurized milk cartons.
    “The discovery that the MAP bug is present in the vast majority of Crohn’s sufferers means it is almost certainly causing the intestinal inflammation,” it said in a statement.
    “Action Research does not recommend that anyone stops drinking milk. However, for those individuals with Crohn’s disease or their close relatives who may feel particularly at risk, it may be sensible to start drinking UHT milk.
    “As UHT involves higher pasteurization temperatures, it is probable that MAP is destroyed,” it said.
    It called for Crohn’s to be made a reportable disease, for more stringent milk pasteurization, for tests for MAP in dairy herds, and procedures for reducing MAP infection on farms.
    Hermon-Taylor said an unexpected finding of the research showed that patients suffering from irritable bowel syndrome may also be infected with MAP.
    “In animals, MAP inflames the nerves of the gut,” he said. “Recent work from Sweden shows that people with IBS also have inflamed gut nerves. There is a real chance that the MAP bug may be inflaming people’s gut nerves and causing IBS.”

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    and welcome to the board.

    Yet another example of mycos making people chronically ill.

    Many board users have been taking Olive Leaf Extract and IBS is one of the problems it seems to have treated very successfully.

    A lot of us find probiotics and colustrum help too, all help to kill of pathogens and increase our own resistance to them.


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    I just posted about this very subject, I didn't know how to get the whole message here, don't know that much about the technical part of computers. I'm so glad that you knew how danielle! I also think that my fibro may have been caused by a bout of IBS/montezuma's revenge. When I had this problem, the docs in my very small town knew nothing about it, they did offer to "open me up and take a look around" which scared the bejeebers out of me! I had this problem for several months until I found an aquaintance that had taken meds for montezumas revenge and had her get her rx refilled for me, and it seemed to take care of the problem with my stomach. It wasn't long after that I started to develop the first signs of fibro, just didn't know for a long time what it was. Anyway, thanks again Danielle for getting this message out, check my bio for an address on what the crohn's organization is saying on this subject.
    Sandy J.