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    Well, I've been having those "double over in pain" feelings in my pelvic area, so went to the gyn to get checked out.

    Saw the nurse practitioner who was great. She said she thought I had an overgrowth of yeast in my gut! Finally a real medical person said it.

    Just for the past two days, I've been feeling pain in my lower pelvic area. No vaginal yeast (sorry so graphic) but looks a bit red she said.

    So shes running a culture. Just in the past few days, My tongue has gotten a white film on it.

    So she gave me diflucan to take one today and one next week.
    then she said to take acidophilus. I've been taking it, but guess its not enough so I'm going to double up on it for a bit.

    So there you go......I guess I'm dealing with a yeast issue.

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    I'm interested to know if the Diflucan proves helpful. Does Diflucan suggest to cut out most/all sugar from your diet while on it?

    I've had some very hard to diagnose GI trouble. There are 4 differing opinions among 5+ doctors. Years ago I bought the book, The Yeast Connection, by Dr. Crook. Sounded very reasonable and at the time I thought this was the missing info I had for most of my health problems (this was ~2 years into being sick).

    I tried the no sugar diet for about a months and it didn't seem to do anything. The GI doctors I went to said if there was a yeast problem, it would be pretty obvious from the 'scope' and biopsy. Essentially all the traditional medicine doctors think the yeast theory is unsound while about 2/3 of the non-traditional med (holistic, chiropracters etc) usually suggest it. I've taken bunches of probiotics and acidophilus but I never saw any change.

    All to say, I hear differing opinions on the validity of it, but I'm interested to see if your physician was correct and if the recommended protocol helps you out.

  3. kch64

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    Sorry you've been having trouble for so long.

    This is the hardest time I've had with yeast in a long time as far as I know. Its so hard to know what to believe isn't it?

    The regular docs say one thing and the natural say another.

    My tongue has a whiteish coating today, so I'm thinking it's yeast, but never had my tongue look like this.

    I'll post again soon.

  4. kch64

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    I must be losin' it. I've got threelac, took it for about 4 days, and totally forgot about it. BUT I had some really good days right afterward.

    Wow, I usually don't have a memory problem, but guess when I stuck the box in the cabinet and then started to feel a bit better, I just dismissed it. I will be a year older in a few days so maybe its just that (LOL)

    Thanks for the good tips. I will cut back on dairy, sugar and whatever else I need to feel better AND ...I'll start taking my threelac again tonight.

    Thanks for the memory reboot.
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    I've had IBS for years and years. I brought up the subject of a possible yeast overgrowth (since I've read about it in connection with CFIDS issues) with my physician (who is a nurse practitioner too!) and she said that she does see it in people, but doesn't necessarily think it could be my problem since I do not have a weak immune system (but i do think mine is messed up, but that's another whole tangent).

    Plus, she said everything I was doing was exactly what she would be telling me to do if I did have a yeast problem ....

    I'm taking a pro-biotic to help my GI tract (i took an antibiotic recently) and in general, I think it's good for people with IBS to take it and try to stabilize their system. I think it has been helping, my bowels seem much more stable and mellow than usual. I make sure to take the pro-biotic right after meals and if I'm consuming anything "bad" - refined sugar, beer, cheese etc.

    SUGGESTION FOR YOU: Here's something that has REALLY HELPED ME in the last several years and I strongly encourage everyone who has IBS to try taking supplements with herbs in them that encourage digestion!! They have helped me to feel so much better. I take them right before I eat, and they are not that expensive, and very gentle on your system. Usually I look for blends (at a natural health food store) that have fennel or licorice and slippery elm (most important) in them. I can't remember the other herbs in them off the top of my head-- I'll post them later.

    Also, I try to eat smaller more frequent meals and drink lots of water and tea. Oh, and heating bags/pads on the hurting abdomen helps me too.
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    Thanks for the info. It sounds good to try. I think a heating pad would feel really good, but never thought about it.

    i'll give it a try.