IBS - Anyone consider themselves recovered? If so...how?

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    I think the title says it all... I have IBS (mostly with constipation) and the pain has slowly taken over my life within the past year or so to the point where I rarely venture out of my house if I don't have to out of complete fear of some sort of IBS attack...obviously...I'm getting pretty sick of this experience.

    I was wondering if anyone's found any sort of treatment or trick or whatever that's gotten them to the point where IBS is no longer a problem?

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    My IBS was mild, but the very best thing I did was having delayed food allergy testing (ELISA test for sensitivities) and doing an elimination diet.

    That elimination diet showed me which symptoms each of my 22 sensitive foods caused. I then knew which ones I wanted to eliminate for good (sugar cane and corn syrup/high fructose corn syrup cause alot of increased pain and stiffness).

    I found out which foods caused intestinal distress for me. With those foods I take 2-4 digestive enzyme/probiotic tablets. I use the Rexall Naturals Gestazyme "Multi-Enzyme Probiotic Formula" from Walmart.

    There are many different kinds and combinations of enzymes and probiotics available.

    This has really helped me alot....and IBS is no longer a problem.
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    I consider myself cured of my IBS since I had my food sensitivity testing done. As long as I avoid the offending foods (and food families) I'm "cured" of IBS type problems. I was tested by Immuno Labs.
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    I suffered from severe IBS-c for many decades. At first it was called spastic colon; later on it was renamed IBS-c. My symptoms were severe -- 3 hospitalizations during those years with much investigative work done, all test results "normal." My life revolved around poop issues. I had continuous pain everyday, of a mild to moderate level, with frequent exacerbations that put me to bed.

    I had one child diagnosed with "gluten allergy" (IgE allergy) ... then 4 years later another child diagnosed with BOTH celiac disease & the IgE gluten allergy. Since these things have a genetic component, I had the testing done, too. Came back normal. However, I decided in the interests of saving time & effort with shopping & cooking, to prepare all of our family's food gluten-free.

    Interesting thing ... within a month my IBS was gone. I no longer suffered constipation, and I no longer had the constant gut pain. It has been over 5 years since I recovered from IBS. In that time I had one relapse, when I purposely ate some "I can't live without it" licorice -- which contains gluten in the wheat flour. Within a very short time my symptoms recurred & took several days to dissipate. But as long as I follow this gluten-free diet very strictly, I have no IBS.

    I consider myself recovered from the IBS. Too bad I was such a slow learner, but I am thankful the beast is gone. From other acquaintances, I have learned that various sorts of food sensitivities can predispose one to IBS.

    Over the years, I have met a few folks who control their IBS with various meds. Those never worked for me, and most people who use meds do not consider themselves recovered, only medicated.

    Perhaps not all causes of IBS are due to food sensitivities, however, the people I've encountered who consider themselves recovered from IBS have found & dealt with food triggers.

    Testing helps some folks find their problems, but for many, it's a very slow process of keeping a food & symptom journal, eliminating one food group for a period of time ... then adding it back in to see what happens.

    If you have not considered the possibility of a food intolerance being at the root of your IBS, I would encourage you to take the leap. Most docs do not hold with the idea, but in practicality, for some of us it is reality.

    Best wishes.

  5. munch1958

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    The right amount of thryoid hormones plus growth hormone;
    Methylcobalamine (B12);
    LEAP test and rotation/elimination diet;
    SCD diet;
    Vitamin C;
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    I have always had bad constipation and gas but fiber never helped. I take digestive enzymes with my meals and it has made a world of difference-
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    I had the opposite problem than you. I was dx with IBS due to constant diahrea (12-20 X day) for almost 3 years. I got this shortly after an intstinal infection called C-diff. It took over 6 months to cure the infection in my gut but even after it was gone the constant diahrea continued for years.

    Last summer my doctor told me how seratonin is needed for the intestines to work properly.

    I had been on many different SSRI meds over the years but not since the IBS. He put me on Lexapro 10 mg. daily and to my amazement, the diarhea stopped!

    That was one of the biggest reliefs of my life.

    Good luck

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    Hi Whitney,
    I had IBS since I was 18, I'm now 56. I went on a gluten free diet several yrs. ago and by making that change completely healed my IBS. My IBS was caused by gluten intolerance. I believe that many of the cases of IBS are food related. If gluten is your problem you'll know right away just by going off gluten (a big diet change). One week after going on the gluten free diet and I was better.

    Many people feel that that kind of diet change is overwelming. I guess it's how motivated you are. Anyhow, wish you well!

  9. dannybex

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    ...that by finding out what you're 'allergic' to or 'intolerant' of, can heal your IBS. And since 70% of the immune system is in the gut, your CFS or Fibro will get a lot better too.

    We had a woman in our local support group who could barely function, barely think straight at our monthly meetings. She found out she had celiac, plus several other food intolerances (esp root veggies, and nightshade veggies like potatoes and tomatoes and bell peppers).

    She went on a rotation program and eliminated those foods and is now cross country skiing and hiking during the summer -- and she's in her SIXTIES.

    In my humble opinion, your IBS is not separate from the rest of your illness -- it's probably the cause or one of the causes, like it is with so many of us. :)

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    I've read that bone broth -- making soup from the bones of organic beef bones -- can be very healing to the intestinal lining.

    There is so much more sickness today than there was 50 years ago...when things were made from scratch, instead of out of a can or bottle, loaded with artificial ingredients, high-fructose corn syrup, etc...