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  1. Anything help IBS ?

    I get it off and on. This time I am so miserable, bloated terribly, especially in the morning. What about zelnorm? Do probiotics help this? UGH! Always something
  2. kellygirl

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    They do help. Natural, and the good stuff inhabits the gut. For overall wellness, naturally. The bifudus is for the large intestine and acidophilus for the small. Helps the immune system, too, because you are putting the good bacteria in that fight the bad stuff.
  3. sascha

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    and when i go off my good-eating plan, it kicks up. often it's not my own tendency toward self-indulgence that sends me off-plan, but outside events.

    for me, and it's different for different people, it's staying off wheat, taking goateine whey powder, healthy oils (coconut, olive), pro-biotics. i think the coconut oil helps protect my digestive health; also helps keep candida under control. my diet is no sugar, processed foods, caffeine, chocolate (well, i slip a bit here). good organic meats, vegetables, fruits mostly. and make sure to get omega 3 fatty acids.

    i find when i am on track i don't seem to notice i have IBS.

    also, digestive enzymes might help. and check out Garden of Life products. the person who started the company had Crohn's disease and knows what the gut needs. you can check it out online. that's where i get my goateine powder.

    best of luck- sascha
  4. fifthofanickel

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    I have IBS D&C, & know the feeling. Stay away from gas causing foods. Zelnorm didn't have enough probiotic in it to help in my situation. I take acidopholus/probiotic, that finally straightened me out. A simple yogart cup won't do it, needs to be a pretty high dose of it (acidopholus)..I take 2.4billion live cultures 3times daily.

    The flora in your intestines need something that will clear out all the bad stuff. And I've found taking that helps the most..Other supplements I take for it are; grapeseed extract, 50mg. daily, a multi-enzyme digestive tab 3 times daily, & L-Glutamine 500mg. daily to keep the Liver clean.

    I buy most of my supplements from Puritan, they seem to have the best prices, & no additives, ie; yeast, sugar, wheat, etc.

    Some people take "Beano" w/every bite they put into their mouths, but that gets expensive...I found the probiotic worked best for me.

    Hope you get find something that will work for you...

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