IBS or Bladder ?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pjj, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. pjj

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    I know that both of these can affect those with Fibr0. I have a long history of Bladder infections. Recently I had my urine checked because of symptoms similar to those in the past,burning in the Urethrea, also in the abdomen, back at the waist and sometimes above the Navel. My Urine never had Blood or Pus in it and with the use of a herbal med,burning became less noticeable and at the time I saw the Dr. and had it checked, it showed no Bacteria. She prescribed an anti biotic to be taken for 7 days.
    I am halfway thru the antibiotic but still with burning. Now I am wondering if this could be due to the Fibro. This burning comes and goes and I am up several times a night to urinate. No,restriction in passing Urine.
    I also have IBS which I am treating with Metamucil. In the past I have had burning mouth with that and am often constipated.
    Does anyone else have symptoms with their Fibro that mimics Bladder Infections ?
    Thanks, Pjj
  2. ellikers

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    I used to have bladder symptoms similar to that, usually after sex or something that involved my pelvic muscles. One possibility is that your hip and pelvic muscles could have enough trigger points causing tension that it is affecting your bladder.

    I had numerous urine checks with these symptoms when I was sick, came back negative for bacteria every time.

    I also had a rotated vertebrae and sacrum (probably from a car accident) that was understandably messing up the muscles all around my low back and hips, so I had pain shooting down my leg and all sorts of symptoms like that becuase of the massive trigger points I had all around my hips and pelvis.

    A physical therapist found my rotation and put me back into place and did trigger point therapy to release the tension (as well as internal therapy for the pelvic floor muscles) and I don't have any bladder symptoms anymore.

    There is a lot of discussion about this going on in the <a href="http://www.immunesupport.com/chat/forums/message.cfm?id=1310101&B=FM#1312975"> "is intercourse painful" thread here </a>

    Another option is interstitial cystitis, have you heard about that? It causes bladder symptoms with no bladder infection.

    Have you been able to see a urologist? They can do specific exams to rule out what's going on (that how my pelvic floor tension was found because my bladder itself was fine).

    I'm curious why you were given an anti-biotic if it showed up clear ...

    Those are my thoughts- I really suggest reading through the thread- I posted links to info about both pelvic floor dysfunction and interstitial cystitis so you could read and see if that sounds like you. Fibro is often times co-diagnosed with people with interstitial cystitis (and I think pelvic floor dysfunction too).
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    you could very well be suffering from IC.
    iterstitial cystitis.
    Do you have lots of reaccurring bladder infections without bacteria found on urine test?
    read up on IC. it could be whats happening.
    you'll need to confirm DX with a urologist.

    hope this helps~
  4. wendysj

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    I used to have bladder infections every month or so... I had my urethrea enlarged. (Sounds bad but only hurt for a little while after procedure.) That helped.

    Then about 6 months ago the bladder problems started again. I was incredibly constipated during that time too. (It was after a surgery.) The doctors said that being "backed up" with lots of gas can cause the "urgency" feeling too.

    I've been fine since then. I did change my diet and drink 80oz of water a day. I keep things flowing!

    Hope you feel better soon.
  5. dragon06

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    like you could have IC. I have had similar symptoms and my doc is pretty sure I have IC. I went to see a Urogynocologist and she is 99% sure I have it as well...I am just awaiting the final test to prove it and figure out what treatment I will be on.
  6. hensue

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    Kept going to the urologist. To the gynecologist. to the internist. Burning like crazy. I do it every time i have flare. Also a small flare. No infection! When i get extremely bad and used to have bladder spasms. Not anymore.
    I have told people on here, i can take a valium and use flaxseed oil capsule that is clear not real comfortable at first. That is the only way i can even get sleep. The valuim helps the cns. sometimes at first i dont think it is going to work. If i insert a flaxseed oil capsule in the vagina. I know this sounds crazy. It is not after sex only anytime and i usually always have burning in my uretha. Sometimes i end up putting a couple in there i dont know what it does but combination of the valuim calming down the nerves. Then the flaxsee oil dont what it does and i just a clear long gold looking pure flaxseed oil. Insert in the vagina eventually it melts gets kinda messy but that is ok if you quit hurting. One day the flaxseed oil was sitting beside me and i was watching tv in my bedroom. Trying to get relief and took the valuim and said what the heck they are all in there together so one might have something to do with the other. It works in fact i have found i ate chocolate and sweets the other day.
    it doesnt matter i got upset over the weekend mentally stressed and it what was pretty bad and depressed. If i get like that you can bet the next i am going to have a flare.
    So give it a whirl, if you have some valuim or xanax or whatever. It has to calm those nerves down.
    My thinking
    Good luck it will drive you crazy

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