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    Sorry I have not been around much but my 16 month old is keeping me hopping. Anyway. I was Diagnosed with fibro 4 months ago. Noe suddenly twice in the last two weeks I have had stomach upset (nausea, gas, and sometimes pain). Last time I had diahreah, but now I am on a probiotic and that's not a problem. I take the same meds every day so don't think it's that. Any ideas?

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    yes, food can have a huge impact on your overall pain level with fms. fms/ibs go together for most of us. i battled this problem for years and have just found some real relief and it has helped with the fms pain!

    although, i had given up dairy (sometimes i would sneak some in) it wasn't until i gave up the wheat/gluten that my ibs has gone into practically remission, my stomach is no longer upset every week (pepto bismol used to sit on the counter)my over pain level has gone down about 4 notches, from a 9 most days to a 4 or 5. this is a big improvement, at least for me.

    my rheumy never went into what i ate, i just think they don't go there. i had all the problems you are having (give up the yogurt if you eat this, this can really cause upset)

    good luck,
    warm regards, fibolady

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    My IBS was totally keeping me housebound a few months ago. Gladly I can report, now that I have not had any symptoms for a month.

    Candida was a problem for me, as well as diet.

    I am on a very low carb diet,now. I was a carb-aholic. Dairy was checked by omitting and then reintroducing, and was not a problem for me.
    I began probiotics to replenish the good flora, and am taking berberine and grapefruit seed extract to kill off the candida. During the initial die off...the IBS was bad....but now...I am symptom free...
    I think it was a combination of dietary change, and ridding myself of candida that helped so much.
    Best wishes, LL

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    I too, suffer a lot of nausea, gas & bloating when I eat certain foods, and diarrhea...I'm sure it is Candida...Check out the alkaline type diet Jaster45 has carefully worked out, by going to top of page and typing in on Search Messages : "Jaster45" ......then look for the post that starts with the words "acid, alkaline foods-confused..." These foods do not bother us. Also the book "The Yeast Connection" may answer your questions.
    Hope this helps!