Ibs, skin prob, and depression all rolled into one

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Joyce1, Jan 24, 2006.

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    I'm a bit of a lurker cause typing can make me tired. (pathetic)...

    I've read here about what to do for intestinal problems like probiotics and stuff. And I'm trying to use good stuff. I'm very sensative to all of it. I've got seboreic derm on my face and it is causing scaring of my skin on my face.

    My dilema any time I use the good stuff for my intestines my skin gets worse. Pretty bad now (can't wear makeup). I try and go real slow will supliments like a quarter of a pill and all. So I figure its better to get better and have a scarred face, right. Just more losses. Lately I've kinda lost my fight. I used to be so enthused if I got better yada yadda, but now I don't even care if I do. I feel like it would all be the same stresses that put me here why bother.

    I'm sure my self estime is not helped by the skin thing and any time I try something to help I get more diarhea or constipation. Get wicked thirsty and crash and more scars.

    like what is the point.....

  2. Joyce1

    Joyce1 New Member

    I really appreciate just talking about this wierd stuff. I have tried Milk thistle int he past. It was helpfull for a while but then it became overstimulating (go figure). I was doing hotwater with lemon juice first thing in the morn. that actually made my skin worse. Still did it for a couple of months. Sigh. currently I'm trying to get up to a full capsule of Sylium. Full dose is 4 or 5 capsules. May take me a while. Just does in my digestive system and energy.

    I don't know if this is acne thats causing the problem. I seem to break out in these bumps that are wicked itchy and cause a scar as soon as they appear (just to wierd for my dermatoligist). Last one said there is nothing wrong and wanted to send me to a plastic surgeon to get scars fixed. blah bala blah same story with doctors, don't bother me... ya know.

    I'm such a party pooper right now.


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